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    Default Searing Inquisitor, searing light cleric PRC

    Random idea I had just now and took a few minutes to write up.

    Searing Inquisitor

    Sun domain
    Turn or rebuke undead class feature
    Ability to cast searing light

    As cleric

    10/10 divine casting


    1st level

    Uncapped Radiance: The damage cap of your searing light spells is increased by 1d8 per class level (or twice that amount against vulnerable creatures).

    Prodigious Radiance: Your class levels count as two caster levels for the purpose of increasing the damage of searing light.

    Sear Out Their Eyes: When you hit a creature with searing light, they are blinded for one round per class level (Fortitude negates).

    2nd level

    Burn the Heretic: You can cast searing light as a full-round action to add 1d6 fire damage per class level to its damage. The target takes half this fire damage on each subsequent round, but each turn it can make a Reflex save to negate and end this ongoing damage. Non-flammable objects can't be affected. You can't apply both this effect and Sear Out Their Eyes. Multiple applications of this effect aren't cumulative; only th most recent instance applies. Empower Spell, Maximize Spell and other effects that increase spell damage don't increase damage from this feature.

    3rd level

    Searing Line: Starting at 3rd level, when you cast searing light, instead of a medium-range ranged touch attack, you can make it an area effect that affects every creature and object in a line, with a Reflex save for half damage. The line's length is 10 feet plus 5 feet per class level. When used this way, the spell benefits from uncapped radiance but not prodigious radiance, sear out their eyes or burn the heretic. An instance of the spell modified this way is called searing line.

    4th level

    Searing Nimbus: Starting at 4th level, you can expend your daily greater turning attempt to instead emanate six (if using a hex grid) or eight (if using a square grid) searing lines, which must each emanate from you in a different direction (ie, into a different space). None of the lines can benefit from Zagging Light (see below).

    5th level

    Radiant Nimbus: Starting at 5th level, you can expend a turn or rebuke undead attempt to cast searing light.

    6th level

    Searing Drill: When you use searing light as a single-target effect and target an object, you may continue channeling the spell to affect the target again on each subsequent turn you extend it. You can extend the spell for up to one turn per two class levels.

    Zagging Light: Starting at 6th level, when you cast searing light as a line, you can spend a swift action to cause it to change direction at any point in its progress.

    7th level

    Radiant Tandem: Starting at 7th level, when you cast searing light from a spell slot, you can either cast searing light from another spell slot as part of the same action or you can spend a turn undead attempt to create another searing light effect as part of the same action. However, the second effect must be aimed more than 90 degrees away from the first, and neither effect can benefit from Zagging Light.

    8th level

    Pierce the Darkness: Starting at 8th level, your area-effect searing light spells can attempt to dispel any effect with the darkness descriptor they intersect with.

    9th level

    Sun's Wrath: Starting at 9th level, you can spontaneously cast searing light from your domain slots. If it's cast from a higher-level slot, you can spontaneously apply metamagic to it so that its effective level becomes equal to or less than the slot level.

    10th level

    Searing Nova: At 10th level, you can cast searing light as a 30-foot emanation, affecting all creatures in range. This effect benefits from sear out their eyes and uncapped radiance but not burn the heretic or prodigious radiance.

    As the Sun: At 10th level, when you cast searing light as a line from a spell slot, you can spend any number of other prepared instances of searing light or spend any number of turn or rebuke undead attempts to create one additional searing line each, but each effect must emanate from you in a different direction (ie, into a different space). None of the lines can benefit from Zagging Light.
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