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    Default Most Appropriate Sub-Forum

    I'm interested in beginning a regular campaign journal. I don't see a specific sub-forum for campaign journals, so should I just post it in the general forum for the corresponding game system, in this case D&D 5e?
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    Default Re: Most Appropriate Sub-Forum

    In general, the rule of thumb is to place it wherever feels best to you, and if the mods think theres a better place, theyll move it on their own.


    Things like campaign journals are a bit tricky on these boards, because they're discussion forums, not a wordpad for you to keep your personal notes. Campaign Journals and Lets Plays and the like are not exempt from the double posting rule. If you dont think your journal will foster discussion pretty frequently, it may be better to not post it at all, and find some other place to host it. If you still want people here to be able to see it, and neither it nor the site that is hosting it violate the board rules, you would probably be best served by including a link in your signature.
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    Default Re: Most Appropriate Sub-Forum

    Sheriff: Exactly. Place it where you think it makes sense and will garner the most discussion. If others disagree, we'll get reports and consider moving it.

    And, as stated, this is a discussion forum, so if it's just you reporting your campaign log, and it isn't generating discussion, the thread is going to run afoul of the prohibitions on double posting, thread necromancy, etc. It'd be better to create a blog and put the link in your signature.
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