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    Default "FIXEDMODE" resolution on RaspberryPi4?

    Hey y'all

    I'm working on a miniature laptop project and finally got the keyboard and mouse in that I will be using. But I've run into a small hiccup. The screen icons and text are TINY!

    I tried to change the resolution in screen preferences, but there's only one option, and it's already selected: "FIXEDMODE"

    I'm using this 5.5" AMOLED screen:

    Anyone ever run into this before, or have any solutions?

    I appreciate any advice =)


    In case anyone is curious, this will eventually be used in conjunction with radios for Ham Radio Operators. (email, chirp, etc)
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    Default Re: "FIXEDMODE" resolution on RaspberryPi4?

    Your window manager should have appearance settings for font, font size, icon size, etc.

    The specific place to look for those settings will depend on which window manager/desktop environment you are using.
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