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    Default I very much want to get into Castles & Crusades, but I知 not sure which books I need

    I plan on running my group through this system, and I really love what I致e seen so far.

    Does anybody play this?

    What books does a game master really need to run some new players through some games?

    Also, are there any particularly good modules I can pick up?

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    Default Re: I very much want to get into Castles & Crusades, but I知 not sure which books I n

    Main two you need are the Player's Handbook and Monsters and Treasures. The first covers the rules of the game and the second covers the opposition and rewards. Castle Keeper's Guide is more of a collection of optional rules one might use... nice to have, but not strictly necessary.

    I don't have any Castles and Crusades modules, myself; I've mostly used it as a vehicle for playing old D&D modules with a more updated system.
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