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Thread: Groverhaus

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    Default Groverhaus

    I have found the Groverhaus!

    If you are not familiar with it, the Groverhaus was the result of a man (known as "grover" on another forum) who decided to put an addition onto his own house, completely by himself. Unsurprisingly, he was grossly unqualified to do this and it did not go well. It's a long and complicated story but essentially he violated all kinds of building codes and generally did all the construction in a way that was both unsafe and very illogical. Think in terms of putting insulation in the stairs, putting recessed lights in a angled ceiling, overloading that walls so that they warp under the pressure. If you're interested in learning the whole story, which I highly recommend as it's very entertaining, you can look at these:

    Podcast episode about the house:
    Brief summary:

    It's been

    If you ARE familiar with it, here are some observations I made when I went to see it:
    1. The house is still standing
    2. It somehow looks even stranger in person
    3. The area is in fact very muddy/has poor drainage
    4. He seems to have planted cacti, plants not suited to a wet environment, in his yard
    5. Even though it was 35 degrees and raining, Grover was sitting on his front porch
    6. He doesn't seem to be using the garage he built
    7. He has a gigantic driveway but for some reason parks his trailer in the grass

    Before anyone asks, no I will not give you the address. Regardless of what you think of Grover, his wife/kids/neighbors do not deserve to have a bunch of people driving by to gawk at the house. However, if you do want to see it, all the information you need to find it is out there! It took me several hours but I did manage to piece together enough information to find the address. That being said, if you do manage to find it, you CAN NOT post the address online, or any other hints about where it is, for the same reason I outlined above.

    I took some pictures of the house too, does anyone know a good place to upload where they can be added to this post?

    EDIT: Fixed grammar

    EDIT 2: I realize that this post ended up sounding a lot more insulting than I had originally intended, so I would like to make some clarifications:
    1. While some of the choices Grover made were unsafe or unwise, I admire the ambition! I certainly wouldn't have attempted that kind of project by myself. It's better to have confidence and try to accomplish something than to do nothing at all.
    2. For someone with no experience, the addition was actually pretty good, certainly better than I could do. Grover didn't build a perfect house but at least he created a usable finished product.
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