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    Default Firefox lags for several minutes before loading any pages

    Basically, when I open firefox it starts up just fine. But when I try loading a page, it just loads for several minutes.

    This doesn't seem to be affected by the amount of tabs I'm opening (it happens when I restore the last session or open a few tabs at once). Everything suddenly starts loading as normal after a few minutes. Very occasionally this doesn't happen.

    It's been like this for several months.

    Any ideas?
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    Default Re: Firefox lags for several minutes before loading any pages

    Only the usual troubleshooting routine.
    0. Restart your system
    1. Update Firefox and extensions
    2. Visit different sites and servers, make sure it's not localised
    3. Try disabling extensions, one by one
    4. Try disabling Javascript. This will probably break a lot of sites, but see if the remainder load better.
    5. If nothing works, consider changing browser.
    There's a possibility it could be caused by some kind of malware, but if you'd had that on your system for months, I would expect you'd have noticed effects in other areas as well by this time.
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