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    Default Re: PokéMonster Hunter (IC)

    Quote Originally Posted by Boneless_RPLYR View Post
    Cameron walks along with his new group with his hands behind his head. Shang walks ahead of him eager to walk around the grasslands, but makes sure not to wander too far.
    "I heard from my parents that the professor was hiring people to help out with her research in exchange for getting paid. I figured I'd throw in my hat and join so I can start saving up some money for a sunny day. What about you Doctress?" Cameron says, giving a side glance at Abigail.

    Spoiler: OOC
    If we choose to investigate Cameron will volunteer to keep a lookout for anything that tries to surprise us.
    Abigail listened to everyone give off their reasons and background for coming to this region, while she herself was sort of left with this feeling of having a pretty meager excuse to be on the island, but when Cameron looked her way, she smiled and waved her hand a little dismissively to the question “Oh, no real reason. I heard there were interesting Pokémon here, and I thought it’d be great for my show.” she said, lifting up her phone and rattling it “I’m an Amatuer Survivalist and Pokémon researcher, so I’m always looking for new things and new Pokémon. There’s a skirt back at base camp I think is a different than normal type, which has me excited to search it out whenever I get the chance.

    Abigail then spotted the disturbance, and went low to try and first determine what it was, then maybe where it went. Though she was more interested in the Pokémon in the open in all honesty.

    Spoiler: OOC
    survival (For possible searching and environment interaction) (4d6)[16]

    Perception (If survival is not acceptable) (2d6)[8]

    Then Perception again for the Pokémon around us, or Pokémon education if that is more applicable

    Perception (2d6)[8]
    Poke edu (3d6)[11]

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    Default Re: PokéMonster Hunter (IC)

    John & Abigail

    As you inspect the area, you see more specific signs of damage to the plants, many of the shrubs and bushes have scorched ends and some of the more sandy terrain has seemed to crystalize.
    Abigail, with your trained eye for signs of pokémon, you see some scattered yellow fur and whitish fluff all around the area and you are able to recognize that this is the sight of a battle between some manectric and mareep or flaaffy. If the tracks are anything to go by the battle seems to have been two entire packs fighting each other, which isn't necessarily normal without some sort of aggressor.

    Abigail & Cameron

    You look around the area, one keeping an eye out for danger and the other trying to identify pokémon around you. The most troublesome of potential threats comes from a herd of elephant pokémon and some large birds flying around that could decide to cause some problems.
    There are also some smaller pokémon around. Not too far away there's a few eevees playing with a couple of stunky. Some ponyta and rapidash are frolicking through the fields as well.

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    Default Re: PokéMonster Hunter (IC)

    Alice looks disappointed when she doesn't notice much in the way of large Pokemon. Instead she slings out her firearm and checks that it's loaded.

    "Conducting my own research on the unusually large Pokemon and testing this prototype." she responds, cycling the bolt on the rifle-esque weapon.

    "Let me know if we're going to pick a fight. I have tranquilizers loaded, so it should be easy. Knocking them out and then tossing the ball is how this whole catching thing works right?"
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    Default Re: PokéMonster Hunter (IC)

    John looks around at the battle site. It was a weird scene to be sure but he didn't see any Pokemon still lingering around. Though he definitely didn't want to get in the middle of a fight between packs of wild Pokemon.

    He calls out to Barb just in case, making sure she's close and goes over the edges of the site to see if there was anything there that could clear it up. He calls out "I don't know about pick a fight. We can keep moving to look for some Pokemon rather then investigate this if anyone wants."
    He looks back to the edge of the battle site and half jokingly calls out "Anything still here that needs help and/or fighting?"
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    Default Re: PokéMonster Hunter (IC)

    Cameron decides to take some time to consider a few possible options before speaking up. "Well we could always pick a group of pokemon to play with if we don't want to pick a fight. That way we can still explore without rocking the boat too much. I do wonder though, how much time do you guys think we have to burn through the daylight?"

    While Cameron is asking his question he proceeds to put on his headphones and starts listening to music.

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