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    Default Re: RPG's where shapeshifting is worthwhile

    While not terribly integral to the plot (you could do the entire quest without doing it, and the Companion quest line only doing it once), Skyrim has a really FUN shapeshifting in the werewolf, once you learn the limitations of it. I can spend an enjoyable evening just running through bandits and Forsworn, eating hearts and leaving destruction in my wake.
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    Default Re: RPG's where shapeshifting is worthwhile

    Quote Originally Posted by Martin Greywolf View Post
    Jade Empire - my top pick, the forms you shapeshifted into had an entire fighting style based around them and you could switch mid-fight
    On top of that some of them were really powerful and, notably, allowed you to steamroll a mid-game major boss due to bypassing his unique mechanics.
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    Default Re: RPG's where shapeshifting is worthwhile

    I find my Thief type characters in Skyrim often going werewolf, just because they're not the best at stand up combat and being able to turn into a giant wolf thing and either claw my way out or use the super quick sprinting to escape is awesome. Oddly enough the Vamp form feels worse for the job though it's actually a stronger form.
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    Default Re: RPG's where shapeshifting is worthwhile

    I guess you don't mean Ditto in Pokemon? She's pretty worthwhile for trainers but you have to adapt your strategy.

    Well, in other genres there is Axl in MMX7 & MMX8, and main character in MMZX2.

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    Default Re: RPG's where shapeshifting is worthwhile

    Somebody else might have mentioned it already, but Divinity: Original Sin II handles both the utility and combat sides of shapeshifting pretty well. You can use the Mask of the Shapeshifter item (I think I've got that name right) to turn into the various races, benefiting from both that race's unique talent (firebreathing, eating flesh, etc.) and also from how the people you're talking to perceive that race.

    In combat, the Metamorphasis skills are fantastically helpful, from mobility options like Bull Rush and Flight to debuffs like slinging webs and turning your head into Medusa's. Admittedly, this is more partial shapeshifting than actually turning into anything (though you can turn enemies into chickens, or yourself for that matter).
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