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    Default How to know when a mod has approved thread revival?

    "Bringing a thread back from "the dead." If a thread hasn't been posted in within the last 45 days, don't reply to it. Start a new topic, if you want to discuss the subject (you are welcome to link to the old thread). If you think it would be better to resurrect an old thread, PM a moderator for that subforum and wait for approval. The original poster of a creation in Homebrew (and only that poster) may revive a creation beyond the 45 day threshold without prior Moderator approval."

    When a thread comes back to life and there have been several days of discussion, sometimes I join the revived thread (because apparently the mods have approved this one) only to have a mod show up eventually and yell at everyone (because no one approved).

    How are we supposed to know if someone PM'ed a mod before reopening a thread?
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    Default Re: How to know when a mod has approved thread revival?

    A mod will post in the thread approving its revival before anyone else has revived the thread. There is no "apparent approval" about it, if you do not see a mod publicly approving it, it has not been approved.

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