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    Question How to delete messages from inbox?

    Title says it all. Inbox is full but I see no option to delete anything other than just delete all at once.
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    Default Re: How to delete messages from inbox?

    Do you mean how to delete individual messages? Just check the box to the right of the ones you want to delete and click the Selected messages menu at the bottom and pick Delete.

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    Default Re: How to delete messages from inbox?

    If you want to delete just one message, you can do it from the message you are reading. Just open the message, then at the bottom tick "Delete this Message" in the box titled "Delete this Message" then below that click the button that says "Delete this Message".

    If you wish to delete in bulk, but selectively (only the messages you specifically choose), then click the little checkboxes next to the messages you want to delete in your Inbox, Sent Items, or other folder. At the bottom of the messages list will be a drop down menu that says "Selected Messages (n)", with n being the number of messages you have selected. Click it then choose Delete and press the Proceed button.

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