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    Default Re: Introducing Orcus: a Fourth Edition retro-clone

    That is pretty interesting. My group was considering D&D 4e, but maybe we will check your clone out! It seems pretty rad

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    Default Re: Introducing Orcus: a Fourth Edition retro-clone

    Hi folks, I'm excited to share that Orcus has finally progressed to the official release version - version 1.0. A real testament to the community support here and elsewhere, and dedicated editing and proofreading - with special mention due to Adam W, who read every word and caught dozens and dozens of errors and inconsistencies.

    More details below.


    After over two years of development, today the Orcus Hero’s Handbook and Orcus Game Master’s Guide have been released on GitHub and DriveThruRPG as free downloads and print-on-demand from

    Orcus is wholly compatible with the fourth edition of the world’s most popular roleplaying game and consists entirely of open content.

    Players can combine classes, kits and feats to cover a wide range of character concepts – and thanks to the power system and tactical combat, swashbucklers, tacticians, knights and beastmasters can hold their own alongside demonologists, enchanters, elemental duelists and divinely-inspired priests.

    • Print-on-demand copies of the books are available at-cost.
    • The game features original and third party content, rather than paraphrasing content from 4E, but it is entirely interoperable with official 4E content.
    • Flexible character creation is a priority, with the class, kit and feat subsystems interlocking to allow for a wide range of characters right out of the box. Martial arts, psychic powers, demanding incantations, poisons with out-of-combat functionality and familiars are all included.
    • The novel “threats” system makes setting up tactical encounters easy, with a readily available list of level-appropriate terrain features, traps and events for each terrain type. Just add the monsters!

    Orcus by the numbers:

    • 221 monsters
    • 24 ancestries
    • 9 classes and 25 kits
    • 20 prestige paths and 6 epic paths
    • 80 skilled practices and magical rituals
    • 138 feats
    • 848 powers, including advanced maneuvers and poisons usable by any character

    Project lead Chris Sakkas says:

    “Orcus would not have been possible without the Open Game License and the community of sharing and collaboration that it cultivated.

    “Orcus has entirely new classes, ancestries, monsters and powers, as well as many others based on Open Game Content from dozens of creators across several game lines.

    “Our hope is that Orcus will make it easier to publish sourcebooks and adventures compatible with 4E, as well as serving as the foundation for other clones and games.”

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    Default Re: Introducing Orcus: a Fourth Edition retro-clone

    Congratulations! That's an amazing effort. I've been looking at Orcus now and then since you first posted it here but I hope to give it a proper readthrough now.

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