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    Default Can Partecipants Remove Each Other from Zoom Meetings?

    I must set up a Zoom meeting, but I'd like to have some control on it. I've been told that partecipants can remove each other, which is an option I'd rather not see given to non-admins.
    So, is it true that partecipants can remove each other? And is there a way to remove such a feature or make it a prerogative of the admin?
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    Default Re: Can Partecipants Remove Each Other from Zoom Meetings?

    I'm pretty sure only Admins can do it, but I've never actually tried it as a participant. I can say that I've managed 30 students at a time during lectures and no one kicked each other as a prank. I do know I need to make my lecture assistants co-hosts to give them any rights like setting up rooms or muting people, I can't imagine kicking people would be any different.
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