And that's done. 200 floors, some raids and a CQ.

Honestly, that last raid was worse than the CQ. I was able to handle the latter pretty nicely with my Foreigners. But that last raid? It was the worst.

Honestly, I did more damage with an unga-bunga strategy bringing hitters like Heracles or Orion than actually employing class advantage. I only finished after I cleared the rest of the tower, by getting frustrated and throwing wave after wave of Servants at it, class advantage be damned.

See, my strategy for this event was that I have quite a lot of Servants. So I'd bring three Servants to each tower fight, one 1-2-star, one 3-star, one 4-star, equip them with the event CE (got a few SQ from bond that way), and cycle through. Raids were a bit of a nuisance, only because I focused on a given class which somewhat limited my ability to use that class in the tower - so I set aside a few AoE types of that class for tower use, and put the ST ones on raid duty. But it allowed me to clear a lot of floors before I'd have to call it.

But that last raid. Rare Prisms are nice, but it almost didn't feel worth it - that thing just didn't care about class advantage.

In one way, I liked the fact that the event was extremely finite and in no way interfered with other stuff you might want to do in the game. Each floor being only 1 AP means that you can easily spend it elsewhere, like if there are a few story chapters you still need to clear. And being finite means that once it's done, you don't feel that lingering need to farm out the material shop. But on the other hand, for someone like me who tends to burn through things, it's a bit of a let-down that it's simply over, nothing left to do. I could repeat the CQ if I particularly hate joy, but aside from that there is literally nothing else to do in this event. It would have been nice if there were some other repeatable level so you could farm bond, but alas.

Overall, I enjoyed it. It was a fairly straightforward event, and for someone like me who max-levels all of their Servants, my OCD need to stuff everyone with embers has been both recognized and rewarded. It's gratifying.

Also, very funny. If you haven't completed the event yet, do not skip the "Meanwhile" segments at the end of each tenth level. They are a joy. So is CEO Penth.