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    Default Re: A Wild Lurker Appears! Hyoi's Random Banter #232

    Differences between age categories and the uniformity of maturation are vastly overstated. While part of the reason I matured slower than most my age is due to my autism, I think most of it is just me being me. Although weirdly I did notice that my actual desire to raise children has increased since I became 25 compared to my desire to create children, but that's a discussion I should have with my partners, not on this forum.

    I'm just glad that I'm not a chimp, and so I don't have to make the final decision on such things immediately after finishing adolescence.

    Actually, I've been reading the Revelation Space books, and the final book of the main trilogy essentially brought up an interesting idea: if we do uplift various animal species we are going to have to deal with how some of them are just very short lived compared to us. It's brought up in the novel via a hyperpig character, who notes that his species tends to die by 60 humans tend to live to a century and a half even without longevity treatments, and that the longevity treatments that did get created are tailored to human physiology. While it's implied by the very end of the novel that the situation becomes more equal, it's a very interesting thought even without the allegorical elements.
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    So here I am, trapped in my laboratory, trying to create a Mechabeast that's powerful enough to take down the howling horde outside my door, but also won't join them once it realizes what I've done...twentieth time's the charm, right?
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    How about a Jovian Uplift stuck in a Case morph? it makes so little sense.

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    Default Re: A Wild Lurker Appears! Hyoi's Random Banter #232

    Not a week ago I couldn't even go a tenth of a mile without tapping out, turning back, and walking the rest of the way. As of two days ago, I can do the entire distance. As of today, I can do a maybe a somewhere under half at a run, and clock in at 22:01. I need to make it in 15:05. I definitely believe if I keep at it, my fat butt can get the endurance needed to make it with room to spare.

    ....if my plan to schedule the tests in mid-July works, of course. And then I also need to work on the speed test.
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