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    Default Re: The once and future harem. (HSHC)

    Quote Originally Posted by Xihirli View Post
    Thanks, Zev! I'll think about it. And I'll go ahead and do that, Illven!

    EDIT: My what rolls and weak rolls?
    Basic rules of the game: every character picks one of the four roll types (Allure, Skill, Conflict, and Luck) that they're strong at, and one that they're weak at. Their strong roll always gets a base bonus of +1, and their weak roll always gets a base penalty of -1.
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    Default Re: The once and future harem. (HSHC)

    What die do we roll?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zar Peter View Post
    Supagoof took the most blows and incidentally took exactly the same damage Xihirli inflicted.
    Quote Originally Posted by Silent_Interim View Post
    Xihirli: Being a better target since 2015.
    Quote Originally Posted by Elenna View Post
    Xihirli, bastion of murder and betrayal.
    Quote Originally Posted by BasketOfPuppies View Post
    Wow I missed a lot today. So, kill Xihirli?
    Quote Originally Posted by Iceseer View Post
    I really wanted what Xihirli said to be true though.
    Quote Originally Posted by Snowblaze View Post
    You can trust her to be completely insane; and probably to backstab you.
    Quote Originally Posted by flat_footed View Post
    I still prefer to see you as the dagger hanging over us all, Xi.

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    Default Re: The once and future harem. (HSHC)

    We don't roll anything. We just choose what powers we are going to use, and add our modifiers together for the Principal (in this case Illven) to make our rolls when we all have posted.

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