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Thread: Shop page

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    Default Shop page

    My bad if there's a reason for it that I haven't come across, but the Shop page doesn't display Utterly Dwarfed (or the links on Ookoodook or gumroad). It's possible to track them down through fairly-short link trails, but it's a little circuitous.

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    Exclamation Re: Shop page

    I noticed that, too. I also noticed some problems with the CafePress t-shirt shop. Some of the links appear to be broken, including graphics links. I wanted to get a few t-shirts and the link to one of the ones I wanted was broken, too. At least that's what I suspect - I'm not a super knowledgeable techie. I spoke to a CafePress customer service rep, and she told me nobody at CafePress can fix those problems - "the store owner" has to do it. Is anyone minding the shop? Anyone?? Elan???


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