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    Default Aturan of the Thousand Worlds

    This is a remake of an old world I had making it more PF-ish and streamlinging some things. No need for comment.

    • P.5: PF base, 3.5 content allowed. Path of War, Spheres of Power and Might
    • Sphere Vitalist is an option.
    • Fractional BaB and Saves(only ever one level one bonus to saves)
    • Feat Tax Patch, Parry and Improved Parry are also base abilities rather than feats.
    • E7: based on ECL not level, feats caped at +20
    • Bloodlines: Uses Welknair's, Soulbred, or Commoner instead of base.
    • Spell Points: Any sorcerous spellcasting(such as achieved by Dragons, Greater Draconic Rite of Passage, and Magical Training) uses the spell points system. Psionics and sorcery are the same, spell points and power points are interchangeable. Due to the implementation of Spheres of Power, Power Points will be the preferred term. Draining effects on Spell Points affect Power Points as though they were Spell Points but not via verse. Spell Slots are unaffected as they are more structured and harder to unravel.

    • Human: PF Human attributes and options on any 3.5 Human including Dvati. Jotunbrud adds the Giant subtype.
    • Elf: PF Elf.
    • Daemen(Tiefling): PF version no resistance as Humanoid(Planetouched) with No Light instead of Darkness
    • Celesti(Aasimar): PF version no resistance as Humanoid(Planetouched) with Light instead of Daylight
    • Faerie: May only be Neverland Faeries or Leafman Faeries
    • Undead(Necropolitian no base race Generic medium 30ft speed): You gain undead hunger(Blood of the Night pg12) for flesh or others depending on heritage. You may pick one humanoid to count as that race for the purposes of prerequisites and effects. You may pick one heritage option from the following list.
      • Brain Eater: Your hunger is brains. Once per day, upon eating a brain, you may cast Speak With Dead on the brain as an SLA as a 1 min cast, CL equal to HD. This is done internally, nonverbally and you must make an Autohypnosis check equal to 10+ HD of the target to get the information you want as the targetís memories flash in your mind.
      • Bloodsucker: Your hunger is living blood. You are treated as a vampire or dhamir for all prerequisites and may choose a vampiric heritage. You gain the dhampir Fangs and Light Sensitivity racial traits.
      • Rattling Bones: Your lose your hunger. You take -5 to disguise yourself as anything other than a skeleton.
      • Ghostly Visage: Your hunger becomes for fear or other strong emotions. A target or targets must be Shaken, or feeling equivalent emotion, for at least one minute to satiate your hunger. You have a 50% chance to drop any object you pick up unless it has the Ghost Touch quality or you take the Ghostly Grasp feat. You count as a ghost for feats and qualifications.
    • Dwarf: PF race and options.
    • Lizardfolk: PF race and options.
      Alternate Racial Traits
      • Crocodilian: Default racial traits
      • Saurian: +2 Str, +2 Dex, Jumper replaces Swim
      • Drakken: Gliding Wings replaces Swim, Improved Bite replaces Claws, add Dragonblood subtype
      • Gecko: +2 Str, +2 Dex, Climb replaces Swim, Skill Bonus(Stealth) replaces Natural Armor, Skill Training(Stealth and Climb) replaces Claws
      • Desert: Desert Runner replaces Swim, add Terrain Glide(Desert)
    • Elementals: PF elemental touched options corresponding to type.
    • Warforged: 3.5, Incarnate Construct turns them into playable LA +1 Biolurgic Chasis as described here, however LA is a net 0 and they lose the Living Construct subtype.
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    Default Re: Aturan of the Thousand Worlds

    Spoiler: Feats and Options

    Class Option
    • Science: As long as you have the Tech or Technomancy sphere, you may exchange a talent for a Gramaric principle once for every three class levels. Puissance, Tech and Create Device charges are all interchangeable, however the conversion rate is 3:1 from any direction. Knowledge(Egineering) may replace Scientific Knowledge checks.
    • Custom Discipline: Now adds your Practitioner modifier to weapons known in addition to the 5.
    • Craftsmanís Knack(Craft Reserve): You gain one Craft Point per day up to 5 times the number of times you take this Knack. You may subsume 10lb of GEOC principles with one craft point or 1cu ft of material for other Gramarie at the cost of 10 craft points.
    • Soulbound Weapon: Counts as a mind blade for requirements.
    • Kleptomania(Rogue Talent):
      Treat objects as one size smaller for the purpose of Slight of Hand and gain the Packrat feat but do not replenish it with shopping, instead you gain 1g and 1lb per level of items per day up to 5g per level that doesn't count against your carry weight.

    • Naturally Skilled(Prerequisite:Int 9-, Wis 10+): You gain skill points based on half of your Wisdom modifier(minimum 0) instead of your whole Intellect modifier. All Int skills are always considered cross class.

    • Animalistic: Requires-Transformation racial trait: Unable to shift into humanoid form.

    • Soulbound Weapon
      Prerequisite: Hidden Talent
      Bonus: You gain the Psychic Warrior Soulbound Weapon ability.
    • Master's Knack
      Prerequisite: 4 or more base skill points per level
      Bonus: You gain a Master's Knack you meet the prerequisites for from the Master class.
    • Gramaric Student
      Prerequisite: Tech or Technomancy sphere
      Bonus: You gain a gramaric specialization and the 101 principle for that discipline. You may change all Gramarie related features relying on Cha to a mental stat of your choice when you gain this feat, this decision cannot be changed.
    • Spellfire Adept
      Prerequisite: Spellfire Weilder, 2 ranks Spellcraft
      Bonus: Your Spellfire may be used to mimic other magic. This can count as a Destructive Blast, Cure(spell heightened to half of caster level or talent), Energy Ray(spell or power heightened to half of caster level always [Fire]), Blast Invocation(Eldritch, Elemental, or Breath heightened to half of caster level), or Burning Blade. The damage is Spellfire and cannot be changed by effects that could normally apply to the mimicked effects. This ability costs Spellfire charges equal to twice the caster level equivalent of the effect. Caster level equivalent is limited to your level. For the purposes of spell level increases or equivalent, add two times the level increase to the charge cost as long as it never exceeds half of the base cost. For the purposes of Sphere effects, you can subsume Spell Point cost as if it were a spell level gain, or pay it as normal. For the purposes of Burning Blade you have Con readied maneuvers and need to burn an equal or greater amount of Spellfire to recover one maneuver. This can be done via any means of releasing Spellfire but is increased to a minimum of a move action.
      Special: The Spellfire used in the respective ways count as the mimicked effect and can be modified and qualify as such. However, any effect that can't be qualified for without this ability must use the effects of Spellfire Adept for any additional abilities gained. For example, getting the Feiry Burst reserve feat would deal Spellfire Damage and still burn Spellfire per use as if it were a spell of the reserved level and thus minimum caster level of times two minus one.
    • Spelltheif
      Prerequisite: Spellcraft 1 rank, Slight of Hand 1 rank
      Bonus: You gain greater control over magical manipulation. You may take the Steal Spells talent without the skill prerequisite. When countering, breaking, or otherwise eliminating spells, sphere effects, or psionic abilities from enemies, you may absorb some of that power assuming you already have the ability to perform that and level type of magic.

      • Eliminating spells lets you pick one of the eliminated spells at random and have it prepared instantly as a bonus spell, this spell remains prepared for only CL minutes before it dissipates as if cast.
      • Eliminating sphere effects grants the temporary spell points of a generic level one unmodified Siphon Blast except in the case of Siphon Blast itself which has its siphoned spell points increased by one die type.
      • Psionic effects let you reabsorb the un-augmented power point cost of a power one level lower than the highest power eliminated(minimum 1). These temporary power points last ML minutes before dissipating as if manifested.
      • Eliminations by spellfire let you absorb spellfire charges as if the eliminated magic were a psionic power with spellfire charges equal to power points, spell level equal to power level, and half of caster level(rounded down) equal to spell level for effects without one listed. These charges remain indefinitely, but cannot exceed your normal maximum and your eyes also glow(-4 stealth), shedding light as a candle, for one minute per charge absorbed.

      Special: Managing to eliminate with invocations is also possible, but success simply increases your invocation per encounter limit by one. Supernatural effects can also be used, most notably the Arcane discipline, success allows one extra use of the countering ability without need of refreshing.

    Spheres of Power
    • Extra Talent: you can take this feat up to your casting stat modifier times(plus one if Basic Magical Training is converted)
    • Extra Spell Points: you can take this feat up to your casting stat modifier times
    • Spell Adept: May only know casting stat modifier divvied by spell level(rounded down, 0 counts as 1) spells per spell level. So someone with casting stat of 20 would have 5 zero level, 5 first level, 2 second level, and 1 third level spell known assuming they have a caster level of 5 or more.
    • Counterspell: May use any Counterspell feat with Spells, Power Points, or Spellfire(as power points)of equal or higher effective level than the target effect. This also removes Sphere specific prerequisites.
    • Transformation: May be taken as a racial trait for any race at the cost of 4 RP. If you have this racial trait, you count as four levels higher for the purposes of gaining new traits with Improved Transformation, but for no other purpose.

    • Spellbreaker:
      Prerequisites: Base attack bonus +4 or Spellthief, Spellcraft 2 ranks
      Benefit: You may make a spellbreaker strike. Make a normal standard action melee attack. If you hit and deal damage, you destroy one of the targetís highest-level spell slots, power points, or a spell point. The slot or points are expended, as if the victim had used it to cast a spell, sphere ability or power. You cannot destroy a spell slot of a higher level than you have ranks in Spellcraft; you destroy the highest spell slot possible if your ranks in Spellcraft are lower than the targetís highest-level spell slot.
      Special: You may activate Spellthief as a move action to steal a broken spell, effectively casting it as a move action. Or you may convert it into pure power, granting a temporary spell point, equivalent spell slot, spellfire, or power points for your caster level rounds.
    • Feedback
      Prerequisites: Spellbreaker, base attack bonus +6 or Spellthief with 3d6 bonus damage, Spellcraft 4 ranks.
      Benefit: When you destroy an enemyís spell slot, power points, or spell point with the Spellbreaker feat, the energy is converted into raw power that damages the opponent. The opponent takes 1d4 points of damage per spell or power level destroyed with spell points counting as spells of half the target's caster level. This damage is in addition to the damage your attack deals. Spell resistance connot prevent this damage.
    • Open Least Chakra: You may open your Totwm Chakra, grants +1 insight bonus on Knowledge(Nature) and Survival.
    • Extra Spell: You may only take this up to your casting stat modifier times.
    • Extra Slot: You may only take this up to twice your casting stat modifier times.
    • Spellfire Weilder: You may now also absorb sphere effects as spells of half their CL(rounded down).

    • Vampirism:
      Prerequisites: Undead, Bloodsucker, Blood Drinker, character level 6
      Bonus: Any humanoid, or monstrous humanoid who takes Con damage from you drinking their blood must make a Fortitude save(DC 10+Cha+Con drained) or be afflicted with mild vampirism. This is a supernatural disease. Initial onset is instant with further saves once per week(DC increasing by 1 per week and by 1 per failed hunger save), it requires Cha consecutive saves to cure. This causes them to gain hunger as a vampire in addition to their normal sustenance needs. As an added detriment, they take a Con penalty equal to the Str/Cha penalty from hunger, were they to reach 0 Con or otherwise die while afflicted, they come back as a level 1 Undead with the Bloodsucker heritage, but gain the Fast experience track instead of Medium to reflect the knowledge of their previous lives.
      Special: Any creature with this ability that gains the Evolved Undead template does not gain SLAs, but instead gains the Lifewell ability of a Lifedrinker and may spend a point to count as a meal. Subsequent applications of the template increase effective Lifedrinker level by one, at 5 you gain Invigorate, at 10 you gain Greater Invigorate. After that you gain SLAs as normal.
    • Zombie Infection:
      Prerequisites: Undead, Brain Eater, character level 6
      Bonus: You gain a supernatural injury disease. It only takes effect if they die from one of your natural attacks or unarmed strikes. The target becomes a Zombie and, if it has at least 6 HD, gains this feat as a bonus feat weather or not they would otherwise qualify. They may make a Will save(DC 10+your HD) for their soul to remain in their body. If they succeed, they don't gain this ability as a bonus feat. Instead they regain half of their total health(rounded down) and may act normally for 1d6 minutes, the only change is that their type becomes Undead. Every minute after the 1d6 minutes is up, they get a permanent negative level that bypasses immunity, when they reach 0, they rebuild into a level 1 Undead with the Brain Eater heritage and the Fast experience track. You have no special control over this zombie, whether it remains sentient or not, but if mindless it is indifferent toward other Undead.
      Special: If any creature with this ability gains the Evolved Undead template, they may forego the SLAs they would have gained from that template in order to apply a disease template to this ability.

    • Pseudoelemental Being:
      Prerequisites: Elemental-Bodied
      Bonus: You have another choice beyond the normal Pseudoelemental Being feat.

      Arcane: You have no elemental subtype, and gain SR 5, +2 Cha, the Magical Body trait of an Awakened Spell, and the effects of the Draining Casting drawback for any form of magic used. But you also gain a boon depending on your magic.
      • Invocation: You may add your Con modifier to your effective Cha in determining bonus Invocations. You may increase casting time one step to ignore the effects of Draining Casting.
      • Spells: You gain the Blood Component ability of the Tainted Sorcerer.
      • Spheres: You gain the Fortified Casting boon.
      • Initiators: Only affects Su maneuvers. You may add your Con modifier to your IL. You base IL counts as your caster level for determining the effects of Draining Casting.
      • Spellfire: You may gain Con charges as a full round action that provokes attacks of opportunity. Your healing Spellfire also adds Con temporary health for Con rounds, this health does not stack. Your caster level counts as the number of charges you have at time of casting for determining the effects of Draining Casting.

      Special: This feat may only be taken at 1st level.

    • Rigorous Study: requires Gramaric Student, 7 ranks in the associated skill, and at least three Gramaric principles. Gain access to Magesterial principles of your specialization.
    • Eureka: requires Gramaric Student and Rigorous Study. You gain a Discovery you qualify for.
      Special: You may take this feat up to 3 times.
    • Spellfire Weaver: requires Spellfire Adept, 6 ranks of Spellcraft. You add Break Enchantment and Dispel Magic to mimicked abilities. You gain the doubly expanded pool of a Spellfire Channeler. You also learn an Incantation to repair the weave.

    Ley Genesis
    Sphere: Creation; Level: 9th
    Skill Check: DC 35 every day in order one Knowledge(Geography), alternating four Spellcraft, four Craft(Weaving)
    Casting Time: 36hr
    Components: S, V, XP(5000), Spellfire(equal to five times the desired caster level each day)
    Range: Touch
    Effect: One Class 1 earth node with a 20-ft. diameter
    Duration: Intantaneous
    Saving Throw: Will Negates(Harmless), SR: No

    Ley Genesis has the same effects of Node Genesis plus the weave repair of Silver Fire over the same area. You start by surveying the area which the Knowledge(Geography) check. Then you begin to draw in the ley lines, weaving them together into a perfect tapestry. Unlike many incantations, Ley Genesis can be, and is in fact intended to be, used in a dead, or wild magic zone(but not antimagic).

    You cause an Extraordinary Spell Ward(as the Protection Sphere Talent) to blanket 15ft radius per target caster level of the node that lasts a year per caster level. Furthermore, a 30ft radius per caster level Dead Magic zone appears(or expands). Any normal magic zones out to 45ft per caster level become Wild Magic zones. The caster loses the ability to benefit from all forms of magic for month per caster level and is targeted with a Disjunction at the node's caster level. Furthermore, they take 1d6 ability damage to their casting ability per two caster levels of the node(not limited to 0).
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