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    Default Re: Inside 72: Halfway to a Gross

    Quote Originally Posted by Morty View Post
    [Verdant Heights]
    (Goblin Traffic Stop)

    As Fayyaad is pulled along by the wind and about to be thrown about like a ragdoll, his hand reaches out and sends a plume of foul-smelling smoke into Pusknee's face, hopefully distracting her for a while. Then he loses control of his movements and bounces off the street a few unpleasant times. He finally managed to catch a break when he wedged his staff between the legs of a nearby bench. He then waits a moment for the wind to change direction and heaves himself forward, trying to break free of its grip.
    Quote Originally Posted by 5a Violista View Post
    [Goblin Traffic Stop]

    Even though Harley's body is still limp, the sword falls until it's pointing in the direction of the redcap Pusknee.
    The sword's orange glow flashes white momentarily, and then it starts applying a magnetic force on the redcap and especially the iron bits in the redcap. Unfortunately, it's still moderately weak due to Harley being...y'know. But now there's a steady pull from the redcap towards the sword.

    Braon will discover that it's, unfortunately, not fear or anger or even loathing.
    It just runs on pure despair.

    If Braon had been moving, the next attack would have been a lot harder for the witch to line up.
    Out of the ground circling around Braon, long sharp teeth sprout. These black fangs move up out of the shadow, and then like a hungry maw or a triggered beartrap, the teeth swing upwards. It's trying to bite Braon in half.
    [Goblin Traffic Stop]

    The wind monster is ferocious. The wind monster is relentless. The wind monster is terrifying.

    The wind monster is not especially bright.

    All of that to say, when Fayyaad makes his attempt at breaking free of the wind-thing's grip, he succeeds, the bench smashing to splinters behind him. Now all he needs to do is not get caught up in it again.

    Braon almost laughs when she discovers the witch's power source. Of course! It was the oldest trick in the book titled "empathic magic". Most sorcerers, enchanters, or the like had something like this; a fail-safe in the event that they were put in a desperate situation, which would push them well past their established limits to crush whatever was threatening them. The more dire the situation, the stronger the response. Braon herself had engaged in such desperation in the past, including her fateful encounter in Verdant Heights.

    Of course, such things had an obvious weakness, one which Braon wouldn't have any trouble exploiting. Slipping up through the shadowy teeth, Braon weaves a mix of exhilaration and terror into a hex, casually flicking it onto Harley. The hex will provide a semi-permanent adrenaline rush, which if Braon understood the form right, would render it similarly long-lived; either in perpetuity or simply by kicking it back in whenever Harley would normally recover. She'll stick around a few minutes to see if the spell worked as intended, and then it's time to go; she'd only be a distraction from here on.
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    Default Re: Inside 72: Halfway to a Gross

    Quote Originally Posted by Rebonack View Post
    [Autumn Park]

    A VERY tiny lizard.

    "I mean, I'm pretty sure that's what I count as," the oread replies thoughtfully. "A faerie, a sprite, a stone spirit. I'm Feldspar and this is my favorite rock."

    She pats the rock in question.

    "What sort of wisdom are you after?"
    [Autumn Park]

    "Well, I heared there were some events involing faeries. As a faerie you might know something, right?" The littzle lizard says.
    Quote Originally Posted by 5a Violista View Post
    [Looking for Jo]

    The succubus leader still assumes that, at the very least, Fade still knows who he's asking about and why it's obvious that she would be locked up and why she's the one who makes those stones. If he didn't know, then why would he have been sent?

    "Yeah. Those paladins let her go, and it sounds like they got what they deserved for it, then." She sighs and buries her face in her hands. Why did this have to happen when she was in charge?

    "Well, we've sent out scouts to find her. That's about all we can tell you. Don't know anything about this place having run out of time, it looks like it probably hit me first."
    The other succubus clears her throat and chimes in: "One of the paladins attacked us, alone. He got in and destroyed our entire cache before we noticed, and fought his way out."

    So, there you have it. Not much more that they know.
    [Looking for Jo]

    It appears not only the paladins got what they deserved.

    "I'm not sure there fate is better then trapped in time." Fade says with his calm voice. "She seems to be very important then. How long was it ago? I know you can't measure time you spen frozen, but I assume that was only a few days if not weeks ago."
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    Default Re: Inside 72: Halfway to a Gross

    Old Arkham Street Manor

    The garden shed is rotten and mostly collapsed, and whilst there are tools inside they aren't in very good condition; rusty, with rotten handles. The Swordsman can find a wheelbarrow, though there's rust holes in the bucket and the tyre is flat.

    The safe is locked, unfortunately. There could be a key in the drawers of the desk with papers on, but if the Swordsman checks all he'll find is a packet of stale biscuits, a personal journal that's apparently empty, and an ivory letter-opener, as well as three old love-letters, a dried black daffodil and a tarnished silver cufflink. The key is in the room, hanging on a small hook on the back of the lower drawer.

    When held up to the light, the papers from the table and the journal both seem as though they've been written on, or possibly something was written on paper above them, but no words are visible enough to be legible.

    The ink proves wet, and a faint symbols glimmer on the surface of the ink-pot, rising and sinking into the pot's surface too quickly to be easily made out. After dipping the quill into the ink, it seems as though it's still useable. Anything he writes with the ink will fade after thirty minutes, however, as the enchanted invisible ink is only readable at dusk, whilst the sun is dipping to the horizon but the light of day has yet to fade, or at dawn when the sun is rising but the shadows of night still cling to the world.
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    Default Re: Inside 72: Halfway to a Gross

    [The Basement]

    "Oh yes," the totally unnecessarily creepy doll spider replies. "There are many lost, forgotten things here. This Pit is filled with many things the world has discarded. In fact, I saw a lost name drifting down from above not too long ago. I would be happy to tell you where it went, provided you allow me to eat one of you. Mmm, that one, I think."

    The spider points with a leg at the pixie most terrified by the situation.

    Chances are the prospect of being fed to the horrible doll spider won't make her feel any better about things.

    And while that is going on up there?

    Something else is going on down below.

    One pixie, tangled in the dusk, falls a good twenty feet before she crashes into the top of a rusty old toolbox. So rusty, in fact, that she smashes a hole right through the top and into the inside! Thankfully the toolbox isn't full of iron tools since that would be bad for a pixie. Instead it is full of desiccated rat husks that will try pulling the fallen pixie to pieces.

    The other pixie falls further.

    Much further.

    Much much much further.

    She plunges into absolute blackness. All she can see in the gloom is herself and flickering orange lights.

    [The Dreamheart]


    It does appear as though there's another bottle bobbing in the surf near the shore. The only problem with bottles in the surf near the shore is that's where the waves curl and crash on the beach of twinkling stars. They might be able to haul such a bottle ashore, but it would no doubt be very dangerous. Are they willing to take that risk?

    For just a dumb old human name?

    Speak of dumb old human names, a name is discarded! The strip of paper blackens and curls and burns into smoke. Smoke that swirls and twists and congeals into the vague shape of a woman who buries her face in her hands and begins weeping. This insubstantial person feels very spooky! And very sad. Her sadness is contagious, a deep hopelessness that saps the will to feel and do. It looks like the pixies just let a ghost out of a bottle. A specter; an apparition of despair.

    [Autumn Park]

    Feldspar looks uncertain at that question.

    "Maaaaaaybe?" she replies hesitantly. "It depends on which events you're talking about. I took part in the Seed Dance if that's the one you're thinking about. I heard there were these things infecting fae that looked at them so I just hid in my rock for, like, three months. I don't know much about that one, just that it happened and it was something bad?"

    [Verdant Heights]
    (Goblin Traffic Stop)

    Pusknee is just having the worst time.

    Smoke in the face, the iron in her body getting yanked on, ugh this is all the worst.

    "Screw this I'm done," she hisses as she moves to snatch up her whip and storm off.


    She's just leaving?

    Just like that?

    See, the thing about goblins is that they are craven creatures. The want death and desolation, but they also like picking on the weak and defenseless. And with all this nonsense going on it is pretty clear to Pusknee that this raid, or at least raiding right here isn't worth her time and effort. She wants easier, softer targets to slaughter and grow strong on.

    Her direction of retreat will take her right toward-

    (Thwarted Restaurant Raid)

    As Calm Reed is leaving the building she'll see a tall, lithe redcap with a cruel whip coming around a corner shouting at several smaller hatless goblins.

    "You! And you two! Follow me, we're done here," she hollers.

    "But the mare said-"

    "I don't give a greasy **** what the mare said. We're heading back to the Briar Patch. We had a good thing going there before that mare got you idiots all riled up."


    Calm Reed could destroy this abomination here and now.

    Or she could shadow it back to whatever this Briar Patch is.
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    Default Re: Inside 72: Halfway to a Gross

    Abandoned Hospital

    The statuette is not itself magical. However, there is a darkness to it, as if some great evil had stained every atom of its form.
    It's an unpleasant thing to detect. Some might call it unholy, desecrated, or any number of other words.
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    Default Re: Inside 72: Halfway to a Gross

    [Old Arkham Street Manor]

    When the ink proves to be wet, the swordsman excitedly draws a few doodles on the corner of one of the papers. He waits for a few minutes, looking at it intently, but when it doesn't disappear in that time, he sets the paper and quil aside and thinks. Maybe, if he takes the ink to the pawnshop, the clerk can tell what kind of ink it is?

    He leaves that idea to simmer and checks the drawers. Ooh, biscuits! Realizing he hasn't eaten once during this very long day, he absent-mindedly stuffs them in his mouth. He doesn't really taste them as he munches on them, he might as well be shoveling coals into a furnaces. He leaves the rest of the items in the drawers as they were, to be better examined at a later date. He doesn't find the key this time, because eating the biscuits makes him very thirsty. Come to think of it, where does his new home get water? Was there a well outside?

    He returns to the kitchen - that seems like a good place to start - and walks past the smuggler's mirror while there. He pauses his search for a moment to check if the mirror still works. If it does, he peers through to see where Frigate may have taken the other end of the portal.

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