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    Default Worst Part Of A Great Campaign

    My barbarian campaign, which I've written about from time to time, has ended. Started at level 3. Reached level 20 but at a Campaign Plot relevant milestone rush at the end. It played for 3 and half real world years. Sadly there's no sequel. DM wants to take a break. Maybe he'll start again when the Virus Apocalypse is over. I will be missing the gaming group and playing this character terribly. It's not officially over yet. Next week is a one-shot playing NPCs we know in another part of the final battle. The following game is an Epilogue to roleplay our retirement. Then it's over. Fortunately I have another active campaign going, I DM another, and hopefully an old one is coming back to life. Another is on Apocalypse hiatus.

    But I really, really hate this part of the game.
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    Default Re: Worst Part Of A Great Campaign

    Hey I mean.. dang that sounds like a legendary campaign!! Best of luck in wrapping everything up!!
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    That sight is dynamite.

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    Default Re: Worst Part Of A Great Campaign

    Sounds like a lot of fun for a wrap-up! As a DM I always feel like my campaign endings fall a little flat, and a part of that comes from that most of the endings seem to coincide with major life changes among my players (a player moving, sudden schedule changes, etc.), so I have to wrap things up quickly. Wrap-up is an art, and definitely one I have yet to master.
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