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    Default So this happened with my phone...

    I go onto youtube on my phone and see this...

    Spoiler: image

    Is there reason to be worried? I've talked with some other people, and they told me it's just an add and is harmless. I haven't clicked it (I know better than that). I just need to know if anyone out there can corroborate this. I've never seen this "add" before. I've been dumb in the past an clicked similar things and have gotten viruses (again, didn't click this).

    Sorry if all this seems like dumb questions and speculations. I am very computer illiterate. I just want to know if my data/files are save and if not what to do. I've been told that it might have come from a shady app. as well.

    Thanks in advance! <3

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    Default Re: So this happened with my phone...

    It's an advertisement/scam to make you download/install something you don't need. There is nothing wrong with your phone.
    If you do have something on your phone that can detect viruses, you won't get it telling you to install a separate product.
    Look at "Super Cleaner" (the program its telling you you have to install)

    Check the reviews on it in the Google store. While it's free, it has terrible reviews, making it sound like a virus itself.
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