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    Default Living Magic Focus

    I'm writing up some feats that boost spellcasting focuses. I have a myriad of Arcane ones, a Idol holy symbol one.

    What should the "Living Magic" focus do?


    Stonekeeper (New Feat)
    Prerequisite: Ability to use Arcane Focuses
    During a long rest you can imprint a Crystal Spellcasting Focus with a spell of each level from 1 to 5 inclusive that you can cast. When you cast any of those spell using your Crystal Spellcasting Focus as a focus:
    It is treated as 1 slot level higher for the purpose of “at higher level” clauses in the spell.
    Roll 1d4 when you cast the spell; if the roll exceeds the level of the slot used, the spell slot is not expended. Add 1 to the spell slot level for this purpose for every previous success since your last long rest. Increase the 1d4 to 1d6, 1d8 or 1d10 when the character reaches level 5, 11 and 17 respectively.
    In addition, you can use your Crystal Spellcasting Focus on jewelry without holding them in your hands. If you use it to substitute for Somatic components while not holding it, the Arcane Focus must not be covered, and it glows with a dim 5’ radius light while you are casting the spell.
    Wandcraft (New Feat)
    Prerequisite: Ability to use Arcane Focuses
    You have mastered the wand.
    When you can a spell using a Wand as an Arcane Focus or using charges from a wand to make a ranged spell attack, you may reroll 1 missed spell attack roll.
    When using charges from a wand, roll 1d20 plus your proficiency modifier. On a 10 or higher, you don’t expend the charges.
    When you roll a natural 20 with a spell attack using a wand as a focus or expending charges from a wand, you can choose to repeat the attack as a bonus action. This repeat of the attack does not require additional spell slots or charges, and can be on the same or different target.
    Orbweaver (New Feat)
    Prerequisite: Ability to use Arcane Focuses
    When using an Orb as an Arcane focus:
    If you cast an illusion spell using a spell slot that targets at least 1 creature (including yourself), you can target one additional creature within 10’ of another creature targeted by the spell, even if that creature would not normally be a permitted target.
    Creatures have disadvantage on investigation checks on illusion spells cast.
    Rod Master (New Feat)
    Prerequisite: Ability to use Arcane Focuses
    Spare the rod, spoil the summoned.
    Any creature summoned from a spell that uses a Rod arcane focus has a bonus to their attack damage equal to your Constitution modifier (min 1), and gains temporary HP equal to your proficiency bonus plus your spellcasting attribute at the start of each of its turns.
    You have advantage on charisma checks on summoned creatures.
    Staffshielding (New Feat)
    Prerequisite: Ability to use Arcane Focuses
    After you cast a spell using a staff as an Arcane Focus:
    If the spell uses a spell slot, until the start of your next turn in response to being hit or failing a saving throw, you can protect yourself with the staff. You expend a reaction and gain a bonus to your AC or the saving throw equal to the slot level used you used.
    As a bonus action, you can strike a surface and create a 10’ radius ward that remains until you leave the area, use this ability again, or are no longer wielding the staff. Ranged attacks on creatures within the ward are at disadvantage, and as a reaction you can grant advantage on a saving throw done by a creature within the ward that you can see.
    Idolatry (New Feat)
    Prerequisite: Ability to use Holy Symbols.
    You gain faith from your Idols.
    Creatures targeted by a spell that uses your Holy Symbol as a Focus cannot gain advantage on attacks against you until the end of your next turn.
    When you score a critical hit on an attack that deals radiant or necrotic damage, you gain temporary HP equal to the radiant or necrotic damage done.
    When using a Holy Symbol as a Focus, your spells ignore resistance to radiant and necrotic damage, and treat immunity to radiant or necrotic damage as resistance.
    Design notes
    These magic feats are intended as alternatives to ability score increases for spellcasters that make them better at spellcasting. They are balanced to be as tempting as “great weapon master”, “polearm master”, “shield master”, “sharpshooter” and “crossbow expert” are for weapon users. By requiring a different focus type each, taking more than one is awkward, and they cannot stack.

    Now, as yet, each of them does not overlap - you can only use one spellcasting focus, so you can't activate two of them on the same spell.

    A concern with "living magic focus" is that it is easy to justify your staff/wand/holy symbol is actually made of living wood. So it would stack.

    I suppose I could split feats into material/shape, like how weapon users have PAM/SS and GWM/PAM. (I have added a similar matrix of feats for weapon users)

    Material of Focus:
    Plant (Berries, Wood)
    Mineral (Crystal, Stone)
    Bone (or Animal?)
    Forged (Metal)

    Form of Focus:

    that could form a fun 4x4 matrix.
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    Default Re: Living Magic Focus

    Living Magical Focus
    Prerequisite: the Ability to use an Arcane Focus
    As an action you place an Arcane Mark on a willing creature with which you have a Bond or any creature granted by a class feature (such as a Familiar or Animal Companion), or a Sidekick. The mark endures until you use an action to remove it. While marked, as long as you are within 30 feet of the creature you may cast your spells as if you were touching an Arcane Focus.

    Finally, a number of times per day equal to your proficiency bonus, when you cast a spell with a Range/Area of Self, you may apply its effects to the Focus or have its affect originate from the creature's space instead of your own.
    This bumps the utility options for Familiar users that can double up. It also turns Chain pets into true combat companions as they can be given large amounts of temp HP with Falselife or Armor of Agathys and Arms of Hadar your targets.

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    Default Re: Living Magic Focus

    Nice! I was thinking more of a "wand of living wood", but that is a very good idea.

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    Default Re: Living Magic Focus

    Stonekeeper seems a very strong option at low level: not only you get a significant number of extra spells but you also upcast spells to the second level for free before reaching level 3

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    Default Re: Living Magic Focus

    Is it too strong?

    You upcast that one specific spell to level 2, and can cast it a few more times, maybe.

    3/4 chance of "saving" the slot the first time you use it, 1/2 the next, and 1/4 the third time, 3/4*(1+1/2*(1+1/4)), aka 1.22 extra casts. Ok, a bit better; if you fail to save a slot, your 2nd slot gives you another run at it.

    So you can cast a level 2 magic missile for 4d4+4, and do it about 2 more times per long rest than baseline. Or command 2 targets instead of one. Or Armor of Agathys for 10 HP soak and damage. Or inflict wounds for 4d10 instead of 3d10.
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    Default Re: Living Magic Focus

    I think this is a really cool idea. It reminds me of the Wizard specializations from 4th edition.

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    Default Re: Living Magic Focus

    Quote Originally Posted by BenevolentEvil View Post
    I think this is a really cool idea. It reminds me of the Wizard specializations from 4th edition.
    The resemblance is not an accident.

    Sadly, I wasn't able to come up with a more subtle yet accidental pun for Rod Master. Master of Rod Handling was a bit too blatant.
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