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    Default Issue with problematic drivers

    So, as background, my desktop runs Windows 7. Yes, I know, it's archaic, ancient, blah blah install Windows 10 etc. And I might, if nothing else works. But I'd prefer not to. So here's the rundown.

    Previously, my machine was running using this motherboard. it worked for a while, until it didn't. So I bought new parts, replacing the motherboard, RAM, and the processor. The new board was this and the new processor was this. Now, the problem that I didn't know until now is that these parts aren't the most Win7 compatible, as there's a USB driver issue. After getting through several hurdles and flashing the motherboard BIOS to the latest version (that allegedly fixes some USB issues), I've come to a point where booting reaches the login screen, at which point all of my mice and keyboards stop working. This happens on the login screen and on repair or reinstall screens, making it impossible to proceed through them. To make matters worse, the motherboard doesn't have a PS2 connector I could use instead (unless using a PS2 to USB adapter would work?). This likely happened because I installed the OS on a different processor and chipset.

    Does anyone have any fixes? preferably something that lets me use things as is, but if there's really no saving it, I'll take backup and upgrade advice.

    Fiddling with the BIOS hasn't helped any USB issues, it's likely a driver issue.
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    Default Re: Issue with problematic drivers

    Assuming it's the same Matisse USB controller as on previous X370 and X470 boards, this article may be of help:

    I know you did say blah blah install Windows 10, but you really should. Incompatibility issues like this are only going to get worse and Windows 7 has been unsupported in any way for nearly a year and a half now.

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    Default Re: Issue with problematic drivers

    Also, Windows 10 is a lot better than I thought it would be. I loved XP and 7, hated the first version of 8, and was able to tolerate later versions of 8. 10 definitely feels much more like 7 or XP. 8 was a low point, but I no longer let it color my opinions, since it's gone and I can afford to ignore it now.
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