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    Default question about whether a thread will need to be moved

    I started a thread on the Order of the Stick board, for people to make guesses about what will happen in the next strip, and was wondering:

    If I edited the first post to contain silly "rules" for a game based on whose guesses are the closest (see below), would it have to be moved to another board such as Roleplaying Games, or Homebrew Design?

    It's not my intent for it to be a serious RPG, just for it to be more amusing and give kudos to people who make good guesses about the next strip. But if intent were all that mattered and not rules, Elan and Serini might be paladins. (^_~)

    Quote Originally Posted by Next-strip predictions
    Just what the thread title says, because it might be fun to look back on.

    Not a requirement to post, but if you want your post to qualify for the highly-prestigious class of Forum Oracle, start your post with the number of the comic you're predicting for. (^_~)

    Forum Oracle
    XP requirement per level: 1000.
    Powers: Floor is open for suggestions, the sillier the better.
    First to make an equally-close guess gets 300xp. First to make an astonishingly-accurate guess gets 500xp. Possible awards for high entertainment/amusement value.
    The first distinct element of a guess will be the most important. Subsequent elements will be "tiebreakers" considered in order.

    Forum members working on gaining levels of Oracle:
    Byzantium Bhuka: 300xp (#1233)
    Mike Havran: 300xp (#1232)

    Edit: Refining suggested format, Fyraltari has a good point about making it easy to see. Edit 2: Adding a "prestige class" component, just to be silly, and removing excess verbiage.
    For the sake of example, one of the early posts:
    Quote Originally Posted by Fyraltari View Post
    This thread has potential.

    I suggest we preface our guesses with the strip number for future clarity's sake, as I can definitely see myself going back through this later on to see how accurate we were.

    1232: The discussion between Durkon, Thor and Odin continues. Thor asks for clarification about the World-in-the-Rift and/or explains what he's found out about it.
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    Default Re: question about whether a thread will need to be moved

    Yes, though the place would be Message Board games. Don't game-ify discussion threads or they become games and get moved. If the game is already just generating brief, non-discussion guesses, it's probably already falling short of expectations that this is a discussion forum.
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