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    Default Re: GiTP Blood Bowl Manager Cup: Season II: Team Management

    Interestingly enough, it seems that the manager has chosen to start Jackhammer on the bench.
    So much for that theory.

    Losings [rolll]1d6[/roll] +2 (preview, FAME)
    [email protected] (2d6)[7]
    Sledgehammer (2d6)[3][3](6)
    Spoiler: Games
    Keston Tornok for GF's AoW
    Loradralsornux for GF's Savage Tide
    Suga for Kish's The Sunless Citadel
    Cendrik for J-H's Servants of the Thrallherd
    Semult for Kish's Wrath of the Righteous
    Faazeran for kinem's Drow Against Midnight

    Extended Signature - More detailed game/character notes

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    Default Re: GiTP Blood Bowl Manager Cup: Season II: Team Management

    That was rough. We managed to pull out the tie, but I am not liking our chances for the playoffs. Ah well, well played Lads!

    Post game
    Drawings (1d6)[1] +1FAME and +1 Preview +1 Draw …ouch

    Apothecary, please save Durd (1d6)[6] (1d10)[4] …double ouch. I wish we had the Holhokki Tapio Apothecary because there goes the reigning Defensive MVP.

    Level up the King (2d6)[4][4](8) …something good came out of these awful rolls. The King has learned to avoid those he does not want to deal with and has learned his ability to Dodge.

    FF (2d6)[9]
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    Default Re: GiTP Blood Bowl Manager Cup: Season II: Team Management

    Ouch, that was extremely violent! There are all those injuries I've been deserving all season; I hope they don't jeopardize the Cast-Offs playoff run. Regardless, extremely well-played game by our undead neighbors--let's see someone else take care of you before I see you in the playoffs!

    Speaking of which, this week's games officially clinch the Eastern Division pennant for the Cast-Offs! But we can't celebrate yet--the games have only gotten more exciting as the season has gone on and there's still one more game before the playoffs! Speaking of which, Mr Commisioner, how will the bye week interact with Miss Next Game injuries when it comes around? Will it be a chance to heal or will they get pulled on over to the first real playoff game we play?

    Winnings: (1d6+1)[4]
    Fan Factor vs 10: (2d6)[4]

    Skill-Up for CeeCee Wizard: (2d6)[5][5](10)

    Edit: I guess CeeCee (as our first Zombie to skill up) will be a real cheap reroll Leader as soon as they recover from their injury.
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