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    Default Re: The Twofold Houses 6: Multiplying like rabbits

    Quote Originally Posted by Rebonack View Post
    [Mithar Sleepover]

    "OH! I've built forts before, I love it! What sort of fort should we build?"
    Lapis asks.

    Now, strictly speaking, she's got plenty of materials for fort building.

    But they're weird materials for fort building.

    Or at least that's what's been confided in her by other children in the past.

    Usually when kids build forts they use things like... Pillows.

    And blankets.

    And chairs.

    Pillows and blankets and chairs, oh my!

    Lapis begins looking around for any clearly superior building materials.
    [Mithar Sleepover]

    "Well there's lots of cushions if we go get them all." Bastion explains. "We just have to put them back later or mommy will get mad."

    Cora goes over to both the beds and drags the blankets off. "We need these for the roof."

    Quote Originally Posted by Arkhosia View Post
    Out For A Hike

    "Precisely! Very good, Blue." Calanthe nods in beaming approval, giving just enough time for the young wallflower to feel a sense of praise without putting her in the spotlight. "In a way, fungi do the very same thing. Now, we are looking at a mushroom, correct? Well, believe it or not, this mushroom is not really the fungus - at least, not its true form. A mushroom is simply a reproductive body, like the flowers on a tree of the berries on a bush."

    The true form of the fungus is actually what you might think of as the mushroom's roots - long, thin strands of material known as hyphae that weave and branch and grow through the soil beneath it, often so small that they are invisible to the eye. Together they form an expansive network called mycelium, serving as both body and root. So every mushroom and mold you see in this forest is really only a glimpse of an organism living in its own secret world under our feet, more vast than we realize, and yet often too small and fragile to dig up and behold."

    That eager, joyful glint returns to Calanthe's eyes as she expounds upon this, and as she speaks, she can't keep the sense of fascination and wonder entirely out of her voice. How can one not feel intrigued by such a strange and enigmatic form of life so commonplace and easily found?
    [Out For A Hike]

    The three kids look up at Calanthe with fascination. The enthusiasm she has is contagious. "But how?" Cassie asks. "It's just dirt under them. How're they so big?"

    Sakura covers her mouth and stifles a giggle.

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    Default Re: The Twofold Houses 6: Multiplying like rabbits

    Out For A Hike

    ”Well,” the rabbit smiles, “for types of fungi such as those, it’s the very soil that ties into the ways they live.” Calanthe rises from her kneeling stance and gestures for the family to continue down along the path, sparing only a moment to dust the soil from her dress’s skirt.

    ”Many varieties of fungi are decomposers, breaking down dead matter and extracting nutrients left behind. Whenever something dies and the predators and scavengers have their fill, there’s always something left over that these creatures cannot break down into food. It’s then the decomposers find the things those before them deemed inedible, or that they processed out as waste. And all these insects, worms, bacteria and fungi find in them things that they can eat and break down into nutrients, whittling it all down into smaller and smaller pieces - until what once stood as the tallest tree becomes the very earth we walk upon.” A few dead leaves crunch underfoot as Calanthe gestures up and down to visually cement the journey and the contrast, letting the thought sink in.

    “Except, when all our little friends go through and turn the sticks and skeletons into soil? Well, just like the predators that came before, there’s always nutrients and matter that they missed - and that’s what some of the mushrooms that you see are feeding on, breaking down the leftovers of the leftovers until all that’s left are minerals and nutrients that rooting plants need - and sometimes, fungi even work alongside them.”
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    Quote Originally Posted by SliiArhem
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    Default Re: The Twofold Houses 6: Multiplying like rabbits

    [Midsummer's Eve]

    "You know what to do, then. Snatch this from my hand." Wenomir reaches out to Lucy with his hand. Now, if Wenomir wanted, none of the kids could snatch the stone. But he's put some thought into making it fair. He carefully measures his own breathing and if a child is fast enough to grab the stone before he's breathed twice, he won't stop them. Should they fail, after a certain amount of time he'll pretend to be distracted by something in the distance, giving them an opportunity to get it. He'll also be open to failing for feints and ruses to make him look away or not expect a grab.
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    Default Re: The Twofold Houses 6: Multiplying like rabbits

    [Midsummer's Eve]

    Let's start with the questions asked at the statue, shall we?

    As the kids admire the angel statue and ponder their questions aloud it speaks again. Though this time, it isn't a booming voice for all to hear. It's a still, small whisper that drifts past their ears.

    Each champion has a token, including myself. When the challenges have been overcome the bounty will be revealed, comes the whisper drifting between the children. My trial is this; you must listen, remember, and obey. Follow my instructions diligently and you will find what you seek.

    There's a pause, the star in the statue's hand flickering with warm sunlight.

    Who among you will accept my quest first?

    Lapis, meanwhile, is watching the contest between Wenomir and Lucy carefully.

    She's got some ideas about how she can approach that challenge.

    [Mithar Sleepover]


    The pillow fort.

    "They aren't all in here, they're around the house?" Lapis asks. She's pretty sure she knows the answer already. "That means yo can tell me what all the rooms are for while we're getting the pillows!"

    This is a great plan, Lapis loves it!

    In the mean time she'll gather up any cushions that are in the twins' room first.
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