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    Default Characters who felt awesome

    So, I was cleaning out my inbox, and I ran across the 16th level character sheet for a character I played ten years ago. Named Bjorn, he was a bard whose goal was "All my feats will be multiclass feats.

    A link to his sheet

    I wound up having to make a cheat sheet for the other players due to the effects he had on an Action Point. At 16th level, they included:

    Action Point by Bjorn
    *Bjorn may spend 2 AP per encounter
    *Allies w/i 5 sq get +3 to attack and damage until EOMNT

    Bjorn Bloodies or Drops Enemy to 0
    *One ally w/i 10sq gains 8 temp HP

    Action Point by Allies Bjorn can see
    *+1 to all defenses EONT
    *Shift 1 square (before or after action)
    *+5 to damage if hit, 5 temp HP if miss
    *1/encounter, 1 ally gains 9 temp HP
    *1/encounter, 1 ally gets +1 to hit

    Ally Bloodies or Drops Enemy to 0 w/i 5 squares
    *1/rnd Bjorn & Ally gain 6 temp HP

    Needless to say, I loved leader characters. Who were/are your characters who felt awesome?
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    Default Re: Characters who felt awesome

    I had one that sadly never saw actual play, but was designed to be part of a group of characters a friend made. They were drow from a Radical 80s setting, and all of their names were puns (other members of the group included Mizzri, May'fein, Bule Guum). My character was an Ardent|Warlord/Bard who was half-drow (read: half-elf) named "An'nou Cer. Went into the Half-Elf Emissary Paragon Path and took the Elated Emotions feat along with Widened Mantle.

    The net result? At level 11, any ally within 10 squares of me got +11 to Diplomacy and Intimidate, and +6 to Bluff and Streetwise as I played the role of hype-man. This would routinely result in allies having their best skills overtaken by some of their worst by mere virtue of my presence.

    Lately I've been having a huge amount of fun with an Exalted themed Avenger|Assassin hybrid. She's a very mobile, evasive character who alternates between avenger powers to take advantage of oath and assassin powers to invoke double shrouds. Also has some fun combos like using Temple of Shadow on a solo to make it so I can hide while near them, and then Shadow Jacking into their square and literally hiding in their shadow.
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    Default Re: Characters who felt awesome

    The barbarian bloodmage. Even working with the limitation of using a lightning quarterstaff for all attacks, my genasi barbarian-MC-wizard blood mage would consistently feel like it was making the battlefield quake. Good times.

    I hope someday to be able to play a ghostwalker in a real game. Strolling around in plain sight of enemies without them even having a chance to notice you? That's noncombat awesomeness. It'd require the right kind of game, where easy info-gathering and thievery is useful but not ruinous to the plot -- because if it's not useful, the character really doesn't have anything else to offer; investing heavily in noncombat stealth makes the build struggle to fill its combat role.
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    Default Re: Characters who felt awesome

    My first character--and the only one I've played into (and through) epic tier--was a Dragonborn Taclord/Battle Captain. He was pretty good early on, but not necessarily awesome. But then Adventurer's Vault and Martial Power came out. And soon after both of those were out, we hit level 16. At this point, he had the following:
    • Grant himself and all allies +5 Initiative
    • Every encounter, rearrange the initiative checks of three party members (plus a damage boost to the one who ended up lowest)
    • Up to 4 times per encounter, grant +5 power bonuses to attack and speed plus healing via Inspiring Word
    • Grant +4 untyped bonus to attack and +5 untyped bonus to damage to allies when they spent an action point
    • Numerous ways to grant bonus attacks and bonus damage with encounter and daily powers
    • Original unnerfed Guileful Switch
    • Grant +2 untyped bonus to attack during the first round of combat
    • Grant +1 untyped bonus to ally attack rolls for a round when he spends an action point

    Big initiative boost + rearranging initiatives + handing out attack bonuses and extra attacks like candy meant we (nearly) always had whichever character I thought was best suited to neutralizing the encounter getting to land near auto-hit attacks before the enemy could act. Usually this was our Wizard or our Ranger, but sometimes it was our Fighter or Paladin instead. In most encounters we established strategic dominance by the midpoint of round one.

    Since this was early days of 4E his Int wasn't optimized as much as it could have been because I had given him a decent amount of Charisma. This had an unexpected benefit: by diverting some stat boosts to Charisma I was able to pick up Supreme Inspiration in Epic tier, which allowed every Inspiring Word to target two of my allies instead of just one. Add some Cinctures of Vivacity so round one Inspiring Words weren't being wasted (we started picking these up in paragon tier), and Call to Glory for even more temp HP generation, and we romped through the epic tier with even more dominance than late paragon tier. Anything resembling a normal encounter would get destroyed by our encounter-level nova resources so we had plenty of daily resources for things like multi-wave encounters where the DM was trying to work around our nova shenanigans.

    Yep, I'm a massive fan of leaders too.
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    Default Re: Characters who felt awesome

    High Epic Dragonborn Battlemind|Paladin/Blackstone Guardian/Topaz Crusader. Petrified things, action point, Brutal Barrage for 4x crits. Lots of crits is fun. Getting to repeat it is fun. Dragonborn Paladins do a lot of good defender stuff anyways, and regenerating Dragon Breath a few times per turn for a large burst/daze/mark was also fun. And it was in the late part of the Zeitgeist path, which has some enemies that basically *need* to be killed by crits.

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    Default Re: Characters who felt awesome

    An Elven Archery Ranger. Never made it past level 6 or so, but kicked a whole lot of ass in that time.
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    Default Re: Characters who felt awesome

    Swordmage | wizard hybrid that focused on pushing enemies. At heroic tier he could manage something like push 10 + slowed + prone.
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    Default Re: Characters who felt awesome

    The only character I really got to play much was a Chaos Sorcerer and it was super fun to play. Took a lot of the prismatic powers that did a random damage type every time, or anything else I could with a random result. Sadly never got to Paragon levels so never became a true Wild Mage, but the random effects were still a blast.

    Favorite memory was getting attacked in our 2nd story room at the local inn, rolled a 1 to attack (which pushes everyone away from you one square or something), knocked an enemy minion out the window and killed him with the falling damage. Killing enemies even when your spell explodes in your face felt like getting a video game achievement IRL.
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    Default Re: Characters who felt awesome

    For me I think my highlight character was one of my bravura warlords - who kept giving away free attacks on him that would either result in truly ridiculous amounts of damage as the thief got a free attack with advantage or would result in a paranoid DM and NPCs.

    My runner up was my orb wizard in a campaign in the mountains. The number of NPCs who took fairly brief flying lessons was pretty high that campaign.
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