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    Default Re: Werewolf/Mafia: Percy Jackson

    I wonder how the game would have played out if Xi hadn't been blocked day 1.

    Getting a wolf killed because they decided to switch targets would have been hilarious.

    Oh, and tot? Your talk about hoping to get some validation and confirmation about your ideas reminds me of my day 1 post about AV. I think, I got only two answers. Both of them from team wolf. Both of them "It's AV, you should never trust her"

    I was a bit disappointed by the rest of town remaining silent.

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    OH, and Snow?
    Quote Originally Posted by Snowblaze View Post
    Granted. You’re a wolf, you know everyone’s alignment. Good luck against the overpowered town network.
    I wasn't sure if I should take this as a confession and decided to ignore it in regards to this match. But I noticed and it made me chuckle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by totadileplayz View Post
    I can say honestly I was pushing for a Snowblaze vig that very night.
    Towncore link: https://www.quicktopic.com/53/H/LCKqUHdGtJpLF

    I suggested a couple plans in case Libro flipped Wolf. I was going to give Jeen the win as long as Rogan was OK with it but block Snow.

    On the topic of QTs I think I prefer games without them (but I won't complain if they are there).

    If you're town and not in the group, it definitely feels like you're out of the loop and just waiting on them to organize and make decisions. This game (before I was checked) I had given my opinions to the Towncore group (well, AV) and was worried that some of my most suspicious were going to be confirmed town and I would be hurting town by publicly pushing for their lynch.

    If you're wolf, I think the game plays the opposite of how it normally does. Without QTs, Wolves are the smaller group with additional information and the town needs to figure out what is going on. With QTs the Town (or, a part of it) are the smaller group with additional information and Wolves are trying to break into that and figure out what's going on.

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    Default Re: Werewolf/Mafia: Percy Jackson

    Craziest Idea is now recruiting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Book Wombat View Post
    It's always AvatarVecna time.

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