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    Default So thread necromancy is illegal?

    I have an old campaign quest thread that I haven't been able to update for a while, it's certainly over the deadline but there *were* people waiting on it and the campaign's still going strong. Would posting in it again be a violation that would get the thread closed?
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    Default Re: So thread necromancy is illegal?

    I would PM one of the mods of that subforum about it directly. They do selectively allow thread resurrections (off hand, some of the idex threads in the main OOTS discussion forums needed it from time to time), and even if they wont allow it in this particular case they'll be able to give you some instruction on how you can go about continuing the topic without having to resurrect the thread or otherwise breaking any rules.

    The key here is to ask for and receive permission. The mods are a good bunch, for the most part. If you work with them, theyll work with you.
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    Default Re: So thread necromancy is illegal?

    Metamagic Mod: that is the correct answer, thank you.
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