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    Default Political Issues Within the Confines of a Game

    I was brainstorming character ideas for a game taking place in a modern-type world, and I realized I had no idea of what the rules were re: political issues being brought up in a game. Before going down a path, I was wondering if I could get some enlightenment from the mods?
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    Question Re: Political Issues Within the Confines of a Game

    Sheriff: Do not discuss real world politics or religion in any context, even one related to gaming. So don't post anything that raises those topics. And even if your post doesn't, try not to lead others into it.

    In game, if it's a PbP, you have more leeway, if you keep it entirely within the fiction. For example, your World of Darkness character can have dealings with the (obviously fictional) Catholic Church. But anywhere else, avoid all real-world religion and politics references. For example, don't use the OOC thread to discuss the real world Catholic Church.
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