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    Default Spamming and mental illness

    For those with a severe mental illness, I think the board should allow some leeway with its Spamming rules. I suffer from intense bipolar disorder, and my self-control sometimes slips during an unexpected manic spike. I think it would be more humane to simply delete the offending posts and issue a normal warning, rather than invoke the specter of banishment.

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    Default Re: Spamming and mental illness

    First, a reminder that you can edit your posts (unless they've been edited by a mod, don't do it in that case.)

    If it's repeated short posts, that's unlikely to be an instant ban without extenuating circumstances. Again though, editing your most recent post is best, rather than double, triple, ETC. Posting.

    The type that is an instant ban is for-profit stuff, scam sites, chain letters, etc. There's not going to be leeway on those.
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    Default Re: Spamming and mental illness

    Sheriff: There is plenty of leeway built into the system already. Double posting and other kinds of minor spam are listed as "Please Don't" offenses, the lowest level that carry the fewest possible points towards banning. These are issued zero-point Warnings in the first instances, though repeated offenses might lead to Infractions and actual points. It would take a lot of such offenses to reach the banning threshold. And even at that point, banning is not automatic. Every instances is reviewed by the forum staff to make an individual decision.

    Try to use the Quote and Multiquote features to consolidate your comments. If you do double post, you can use the "Edit post" function to move those comments to your initial post and delete the extras. (As noted above, don't edit a post in any way once a moderator has done so.)
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