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    Default The war of The Seldarine vs. The Anti-Seldarine.

    Arvandor -30,001 DR. During the battle of The Anti-Seldarine-

    Erevan Ilesere laughed while he ducked under the swing of the mighty axe of Grankhul. The Bugbear god of hunting, senses, surprise and stealth, who has a reputation for never being surprised. Erevan rushed forward with his twin short swords and side-stepped as he lopped off the right arm of the mighty Bugbear god with both blades. Grankhul stumbled back and howled in pain. His thirteen foot frame hopped up and down as blood spurted in count to his heartbeat. The tall and lean god of the Bugbears took up his mighty axe in his left hand, as Erevan smiled and blew him a kiss as he vanished in a blue-black light and reappeared across the battlefield behind Bahgtru, the Orc god of combat with both short swords drawn and ready.

    Bahgtru was battling an Archfey of the Seelie Court and winning due to his sheer size and power, but was oblivious to the rogue elven god behind him. Just as Bahgtru raised his cold iron sword for the killing blow, Erevan silently ran forward and thrust both his short swords into the orc gods spine, severing his spine in half and bursting forth from his chest. Bahgtru crumpled in a heap as Erevan walked around his hulking bleeding body and extended a hand to the archfey.

    Erevan offered the archfey a gulp of feywine from his "Ever-full" goblet, went to retrieve his twin blades and nodded to the archfey as he and his goblet disappeared. This particular Archfey, Hyrsam, the Prince of Fools picked up his sword and dagger and finished off Bahgtru, the son of Gruumsh with a well placed blade in his skull. The orc god exploded in a miasma of toxic red gas and was sent back to his home-plane, never to enter Arvandor again for the next thousand years.

    Erevan appeared in the middle of a bloody and chaotic battlefield and immediately noticed two gorgeous females doing battle. He knew at once it was The Queen of Air and Darkness and Eilistraee. Spells were being cast furiously at one another while they did combat. The Drow goddess was losing the spell battle as Erevan just smiled and teleported beside Dathrathila, the Queen, with his twin short swords still in their scabbards, and grabbed the Unseelie goddess with lightning speed and kissed her on her lips before quickly laughing and vanishing in a blue-black mist that smelt of potent feywine.

    Eilistraee immediately rushed forward and resumed the combat having the upper hand at last. The Queen of Air and Darkness suddenly disappeared and began slinging spells from places unseen, Eilistraee struggling to keep up as the very air around her twists and warps to crush her, the Queen's haunting laughter echoing as the dark goddess bends reality itself with death spells and dark sorceries fitting for a divine embodiment of fey black magic. Rays of doom and bolts of sickly enervation assaulted Eilistraee from every direction of the compass. All the allies around her perished in this storm of death, until she stood alone, weak and outmatched in spell battle.

    The Queen of Air and Darkness suddenly showed herself in all her dark glory once again. Standing 10 feet tall with black gossamer wings that stretched another 10 feet from wing tip to wing tip. Her unearthly gorgeous face was marred by a sneer of joy as she raised her hands to the sky and brought them down towards Eilistraee in a killing barrage of spells that would rip the flesh from the drow elf's bones and slay her permanently.

    At that very moment, a dire storm of killing arrows rained down on The Queen and decimated her followers with divine fire until she stood alone. Solonor Thelandira, the elven god of hunting found his mark and strode towards the Queen in a zig-zag path. The Queen screamed in a baleful wail that blasted both Solonor and Eilistraee back a dozen yards. She was in agonizing pain as she stepped back and snickered at the gathered elven deities. Knowing she was outnumbered in power, the Queen pointed a finger at Eilistraee in hate and vanished in a silver pop that left an army of 200 enchanted RedCaps in her wake.

    Just then the Beastial god Malar caught the scent of Solonor Thelandiira, and stalked towards the Hunter of the elven deities with malice and rage. Three thousand yards at a pace, the Beast god ran along the line of his prey. Slashing and rending wounds on all enemies within his range of rushing fury. His sole agenda was to destroy the elven Hunter.

    Solonor sensed something amiss and turned around after frantically speaking to Eilistraee. Just then Malar pounced on Solonor Thelandiira with a fury so legendary that Eilistraee yelled out for help. Malar was a killing machine as he began to tear the elven god to shreds. Armor and Bow were torn asunder as Solonor went down under the mighty pounce of The Beast Lord.

    Just then, a troop of fifty Brownie Lords, led by Hyrsam the horned trickster appeared. The Archfey of Satyrs kicked and punched and head butted Malar with reckless abandon until Eilistraee was able to form a offensive position against the Beast Lord and help her fellow seldarine deity. Out of the peripheral vision of her left eye, Eilistraee saw her
    Arch-Fey friend clearing a path towards her with magic and melee and music and death.

    Eilistraee rushed forward with her shining longsword blazing, in a dull, Half moon-shade of brilliance, blinding the killing machine that was Malar. She stepped forward with a kicking blow to Malar's mid-section and chopped down with her powerful longsword and felt the blade connect. Malar was thrown off Solonor by the sheer relentlessness of Eilistraee in melee combat. The Drow elf Sword goddess Pressed Malar hard in a flurry of blade art, combined with spells meant to hinder and hamper her enemies.

    Erevan Ilesere sat beside one of the thousands of campfires in Arvandor, taking a quick break from the chaos and fighting and spell casting among so many gods and goddesses and demi-gods and archfey and creatures from all over the multiverse. He drank deeply from his "Ever-full" goblet as he watched Corellon Larethian battle and slay dozens of minor deities and legendary monsters with both blade and spell. Erevan could hear Corellon singing as he chopped down mighty beasts and slew divine patrons with the power of his spells. It appeared to Erevan as if Corellon was dancing and singing while casting spells and embracing melee combat. Corellon was a shining beacon of power as he mastered every melee opponent and surpassed every arcane or divine enemy before him.

    Erevan tore his gaze away from Corellon and looked out across the fire at Tarsellis Meunniduin, the elven god of winter, and Solonor Thelandira, the elven god of The Hunt, who were both healing themselves from battle, and said "Now that my friends is a Bladesinger", pointing at Corellon. Both powerful elven gods looked at Erevan with disdain. It didn't help their moods or dispositions at all when they noticed that Erevan didn't have a single scratch on his body and was relaxing, drinking feywine from his enchanted goblet.

    The Fey Jester ignored them both and continued to point towards Corellon. There in the distance danced the father of the elven deities. Surrounded by horrors of the lower planes, archfey of the unseelie court and the god Semuanya, the patron of the Lizardfolk. Corellon sang and danced and slew until he finally destroyed all his current enemies. Erevan, Solonor and Tarsellis watched the battle between Corellon and Semuanya with pure wonder in their eyes. Corellon standing at about 10 feet tall looked small fighting the 15 foot lizard god, The size didn't seem to matter as Corellon vanquished the deity back to his home Plane with a flurry of blade and spell. When the spectacle was over and Corellon moved on to another furious, bloody fight, both Solonor and Tarsellis looked at Erevan Ilesere and frowned. Solonor asked Erevan "Are you even going to help us in this battle, god of mischief, or are you just going to get drunk?"

    Erevan Ilesere took a very, very long gulp of his "Ever-full" goblet of feywine and replied... "I've been doing both since the war started you dolt." At that moment, Erevan spun his finger in the air two times and disappeared from the campfire in a mist of blue-black energy.

    He reappeared in the heart of a brutal battle between Shargaas and Rillifane Rallathill. The elven god of nature was hard pressed in a titanic spell battle of blood and thorns and death. Shargaas was invisible, slashing and hacking and destroying everyone in his path to get to Rillifane. The elven god of nature was conjuring storms with a thought, taps of his staff on the earth causing earthquakes. Meanwhile, Shargaas was walking through shadows, Rillifane's servants helpless to find him as he strides past them unseen, taps of his blade against their skin opening grievously fatal wounds. Rillifane did his very best to thwart the orc gods progress. When Rillifane and Shargaas met in melee combat, their weapons collided with a thundering clap of power and force. The deadly daggers of Shargaas and the staff of Rillifane came together in a powerful explosion that rocked the entire battlefield around Erevan and blinded all within eyesight.

    When the Tricksters eyesight returned to normal, he witnessed Shargaas standing triumphant before Rillifane with his daggers raised for a killing strike against the elven nature deity who lay prone on the ground. With a shout of disbelief and concern, Erevan teleported in front of his fallen companion and drew both his twin short swords ready for combat. Erevan stood 10 feet tall but the orc god towered over him at 15 feet tall, powerfully built and full of rage and hate. Shargaas snickered and spat a glob of ichor on the battlefield before Erevan as he charged the last few feet for his kill. "Puny elflings all die the same" roared the thief of the Orcs.

    Shargaas thrusted a brutal, killing stab at Erevan.... or what he thought was Erevan. His enchanted daggers passed through a blue-black mist that hit nothing. At that very moment, the real Erevan Ilesere came out of nowhere to the left of Shargaas and drove his short sword completely through the orc gods neck and almost took off his head. As the Trickster stepped back from his sneak attack, he summoned divine fire from his second short sword and drove it deeply into the belly of Shargaas with a wry grin on his handsome face. As the thief of the orc race bellowed in pain and rage, Erevan laughed and mocked his pain calling him the lord of the Clumsy. As Erevan stalked in for the killing blow, Shargaas simply vanished. He looked behind himself and saw the goddess Kiaransalee with an entourage of undead fey, drow elves and orcs and goblins behind her. Rillifane was now standing on his feet again and leaning heavily on his broken staff. "We cannot win against the Revenancer as long as I'm wounded Erevan", said the Leaflord. "Yes we can." said the Trickster with a coy smile before he touched his shoulder, and they both teleported back to a similar campfire, like the previous one Erevan drank at.

    This campfire was full of dead and dying pixies, Dryads and sprites. A lone Quickling was standing at the front of the fire with twin, multi-colored daggers in his hands. "Hark... What is your name fast one?" asked Erevan. "Serendipity for all you care elf" replied the sullen Quickling. Erevan smiled and stood before the fey warrior and offered him a gulp of feywine from his enchanted goblet. The Quickling took a long pull and handed back the goblet while wiping his lips and said "Go piss yourself knife-ears." The Trickster laughed aloud and knelt before the Fey deity and said "Follow me if you want redemption little one. And by the way... your ears are longer than mine."

    The Trickster teleported to a distant campfire behind the frenzy of the battlefield and waited for the other deities that would listen to him many years before this war ever started to arrive at this particular glade in the forest.

    Beside him was the Quickling god he invited from the campfire of the injured. Fraxenpux The Coy was his name. The two stood before the fire watching the battle rage off in the distance of the summer fields. Neither of them spoke. Soon after, a swirling mist of darkness took form before them and suddenly stood Baravar Cloakshadow, the Trickster god of the Gnomes. Followed by the cherubic thoughtful face of Brandobaris, the Halfling god of Tricksters.

    Vergadain himself appeared in a shower of coins and gems followed by Emmantiensien the treant deity of deep magic, Nathair Sgiathach the mischief god of pixies, faerie dragons and pranks. The three all nodded when they walked into the firelight.

    Squelaiche suddenly appeared in a blinding light of confusion and said "Well, that was close indeed." The god of leprechauns, trickery and illusions giggled.

    "Now that the whole crew is here, I guess we can all die together." said Squelaiche with a chuckle of levity.

    "I gathered you all here to win this battle." spoke Erevan as he passed his goblet around the campfire to his friends. "The Seldarine have been betrayed by our own allies.

    The gathered trickster gods all looked at one another and then suddenly appeared Verenestra, the fey goddess of dryads, nymphs, sylphs, female fey, charm and beauty. "Malkizid and Araushnee are behind this whole debacle and I've lost many friends to their betrayal." said the gorgeous, tall Fey Goddess.

    "Well there you have it." quipped Erevan as he finished his ever-full goblet. "We will never get to Araushnee, as she is surrounded by those deities loyal to her, so I suggest we attack Malkizid, and once we bring him down, her plot against us will be exposed."

    "But what of Vhaeraun? asked Baravar Cloakshadow with a hint of menace in his voice.

    "He is a puppet of his mother right now and will see his folly once her betrayal is revealed. We must attack the Solar Malkizid and his celestial followers." spoke Erevan in a grim, yet excited voice.

    "There are thousands of celestials Erevan." laughed Vergadain.

    Just then a silent pop resounded in all their minds as Garl Glittergold appeared in a multi-coloured flash of power that popped all the ears of the gathered deities.

    Garl stepped forth in front of Erevan and stood before him with his hands on his hips. "Why do you only call on me when you need something Trickster?"

    "You are key to my plan Garl." said Erevan as he finished the contents of his ever-full goblet. "You are the most powerful deity here, and us Seldarine can use your help."

    "Bah, you'll live even if your pantheon dies Erevan." said the powerful god of the Gnomes. "Why do you even care?".

    "I, we... all us gathered can end this war now, and expose the traitors to all in one fell move." said Erevan with a dire tone in his flippant voice.

    "I am done with your trickery Erevan." quipped Garl.

    "Without my mischief you'd be bored beyond the ends of the cosmos." Erevan quipped back. "As I said, you are integral to winning this war, which means subduing Malkizid is key to our victory." Erevan Ilesere offered his Ever-Full goblet to Garl, who took the flask and drained it in a lightning-quick gulp, followed by a belch and a spell that opened a giant map of Arvandor against the campfire.

    Erevan began to deploy his strategy to the other Demi-Human deities listening to him. One by one he suggested actions and maneuvers for each of them in turn. And as he suspected, each of the deities filtered in their own ideas and actions depending on their wants and needs. This concerted action was devised to be a defeat and subdue effort against Malkizid, a powerful Solar of mighty reputation, whom commanded thousands of celestials in service to Araushnee.

    All the gods and goddesses gathered agreed that they could defeat Malkizid alone by themselves, but they also unanimously decided that his army was too strong to challenge and win by themselves.

    "One of you here must play the part of Araushnee."

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    Default Re: The war of The Seldarine vs. The Anti-Seldarine.

    Adding a new chapter tonight.

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