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    Default Re: Serini is a moron

    Quote Originally Posted by TooSoon View Post
    The ABD was likely a level 17 sorcerer, though you could crib it as a level or 2 less:
    That gives them so many casts of AMF that not only is Xykon not going to have 14-16 uses of Superb Dispelling, but he would assuredly die if he used it that many times. He's also getting grappled during the time this is happening, and the Dragon will have crushed him into a fine powder before 16 rounds expire.

    Miron not using Horrid Wilting from a distance made no sense. Basically the Vector Legion was handed the L by the plot. I have no difficulty thinking they were approx. level 20, Tarquin by himself was effortlessly fooling around with the whole order (minus V), and they were about level 15-16 at the time anyway. Tarquin's arrow catching feat technically pegs him as Epic, but people find reasons to ignore it because they "don't like the idea of listing him as Epic".
    And Roy's Mage Slayer feat (or whatever you want to call it) won't work if his opponent just takes a 5-foot step back. Oh, and I'm pretty sure you can't interrupt an implosion spell mid cast.

    The comic plays very fast and loose with the 3.5 rules. While it might be fun to try and build the characters from the comics, it won't actually give you much of an idea on what characters will actually do.
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    Default Re: Serini is a moron

    Quote Originally Posted by Forum Explorer View Post
    I'm pretty sure you can't interrupt an implosion spell mid cast.
    I think Implosion requires a full round of concentration to implode each character, without a free on-cast implosion, no?
    Quote Originally Posted by ActionReplay View Post
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    Default Re: Serini is a moron

    Quote Originally Posted by Sindeloke View Post

    The DM of this universe has stepped back from obvious railroad plots since Miko's time, but has made no secret of rolling with weighted dice ever since.
    Where does it say that he rolls dice at all?

    Authors don't have to decide what happens in their stories by what the odds are; if they did, there would frequently be no story at all, since so many plot twists involve chance meetings, freak accidents, mysterious coincidences (and are frequently lampshaded as such). This frequently mirrors real life, since things happen against the odds all the time. If they didn't, then nobody would have miraculous recoveries or tragic accidents.

    As for "rolling dice", we have to accept that good or bad rolls happen all the time. People get on hot streaks and cold streaks. I have frequently beaten 1/8000 odds by rolling a 1, 3 times in a row. Once it cost me my magic weapon (fumble, roll "Injure self, break weapon" on fumble chart, epic fail save to not break magic weapon). If it happens at a dramatic time in the narrative; well, isn't that what combat is supposed to be? A dramatic event?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sindeloke View Post

    At least it's still about the comic. They're usually about Star Wars by now.
    Point taken, objection withdrawn
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    Also, everything Darth Paul just said.
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