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    Post Multiple accounts question

    So this account (for which this is the first post) is one that I just made even though I already had another account. As soon as I finished making it I remembered there being something in the forum rules about multiple accounts. I looked it up and confirmed that you're only allowed one. So I need to delete this one.

    My question is, the reason I made a new account is because I was wanting to change my account to a new email/user name and creating new account was a much faster way of doing that that changing my old account. If I delete this account, will I still be able to go back and change my old one to this email address and username? Or will they be considered to already be in use by the system and thus unable to be used again?
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    Default Re: Multiple accounts question

    Thank you for reading the rules, coming forward, and addressing the issue. You can change your email address yourself in the control panel (settings) yourself at any time to one that is not already in use. In order to change your username, you will need to make a request in the name change request thread and wait, just like everyone else.

    Please note that as you have created a new account instead of following our procedures, it will take longer to address your request, as it causes a great deal of hassle now that a secondary account exists. Please do not try to circumvent our rules.

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