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    Default Requested Rules Change re: handbooks/build guides and thread necromancy

    I apologize if this is the wrong place for requesting changes to forum rules.

    The various RPG subforums, particularly the D&D 5e board, host a number of class handbooks & build guides. These are useful threads for the community, and one of the primary draws of these message boards for me as a user. As new first party player content only drips in once or twice a year, it's common for such threads to lie fallow for a period of as much as several months before being revived with new conversation and often (though not always) updates to the original post when new relevant content is released, with only occasional sporadic discussion in between when one member or another has questions about the guide or requests commentary on their particular character created using it. This is, as far as I'm aware, normal behavior for these threads, and not disruptive to the overall conversation on the boards, at least not in my subjective user experience.

    I was surprised to find recently that there is no exception to the normal rules regarding thread necromancy for these sorts of threads. I hadn't noticed one being closed for necromancy until the 'Wall of Fear' thread was recently. I am not complaining about the mod action on that particular thread - it did violate the established forum rules, since my imagined exception for guide threads doesn't exist. IMO, a single, occasionally resurfacing Conquest Paladin build guide (or cleric handbook, or blade singer guide, or what have you) seems preferable to new threads starting from scratch every time new content is released or someone wants feedback on a related character, especially with how much work goes into the initial posts of such guides and handbooks.

    I would like to request an update to the existing forum rules either exempting handbook and build guides from the rules against thread necromancy altogether, or else significantly extending the amount of time such a thread is allowed to remain inactive before being considered dead.

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    Default Re: Requested Rules Change re: handbooks/build guides and thread necromancy

    If the original poster of a guide wishes to revive a thread with new information, they may request permission from a moderator. However, it is often better for that poster to create a new thread, copy the information over, update it, and optionally provide a link to the old thread so that people can view past discussion. The first post of the old thread can also be updated to provide a link to the new thread (if the thread is closed, ask a moderator).

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    Default Re: Requested Rules Change re: handbooks/build guides and thread necromancy

    Metamagic Mod: I just wanted to add, and only because this comes up all the time and I wish more people knew this, but the process Rawhide describes for dealing with expired threads isn't a secret cheat code, it's clearly stated in the Forum Rules:

    Quote Originally Posted by The Forum Rules
    Thread Necromancy
    Bringing a thread back from "the dead." If a thread hasn't been posted in within the last 45 days, don't reply to it. Start a new topic, if you want to discuss the subject (you are welcome to link to the old thread). If you think it would be better to resurrect an old thread, PM a moderator for that subforum and wait for approval. The original poster of a creation in Homebrew (and only that poster) may revive a creation beyond the 45 day threshold without prior Moderator approval.

    (emphasis mine)

    There's no need for a list of exceptions and there's no need to change the rules. Anyone can start a new thread and link the old one at any time. And failing that, anyone can PM a moderator to get permission to post in an expired thread (so long as they wait for permission before posting).
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