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    Quote Originally Posted by Glorthindel View Post
    While true, the moment I had an Eldar Warlock take control of a character and had him blow off an power-armoured NPC superior officers head with a Melta Pistol has got to rate of one of the bigger "oh ****" moments my party ever came up against. Sometimes that exercise in pure unrestrained power has its place
    I guess this is where the "narrative controls" mentioned above might come into play again. They could let a player opt in to such dramatic, stunning moments or opt out of them. Granted, they'd fit the crunchy mechanics of the old FFG systems about as well as an Ork fits a ballet.

    I should mention that in our campaign, it wasn't an actual enemy psyker that used mind control. It was a daemon-possessed Sentinel walker that grabbed us and forced us into the cockpit to make us fight the rest of the party. Which, granted, makes it less of an issue than many mind control methods, since it was a unique boss mechanic.
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