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    Default [Dungeon World] Slipstream Warrior Question

    I have a question on how exactly the Slipstream Warrior's ability Sharp Thoughts works. Is it intended to mimic an existing weapon but with the extra tags added, or does it create a new "item" that has only the listed tags? I'm trying to build a nimble warrior so I'd like my psychic weapon to be usable with Dex. If the ability mimics an existing weapon, I can just make a psychic rapier and I'm good to go, but otherwise I might have to change my concept. Thoughts? If it comes down to a DM ruling, how would you rule it at your table?
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    Default Re: [Dungeon World] Slipstream Warrior Question

    I read it as creating a new item; you wouldn't be able to get the Precise tag unless you're an elf (or talk to your DM about getting the elf ancestry thingy for Slipstream Warrior, which grants precise).
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