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    Default Ambient music recommendations

    I like to design my settings to ambiance music. Town music to for towns, dungeon music for dungeons, etc. YouTube is filled with tons of generic stuff, but I was wondering if you had any specific recommendations?

    tl;dr: do you have any ambient music recommendations?

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    Default Re: Ambient music recommendations

    I browse YouTube a lot, too, but I do have some favourites.
    Adrian von Ziegler is a prolific artist and I like a number of his compositions.
    Derek Fiechter's Music is another channel with lots of themes for almost every kind of fantasy setting; personally I find them to be a bit too much on the "fairytale" side, but that's just my own taste.
    Danheim for viking music: I like that "primal" vibes for moments like when the players are deep into the wilderness.
    Two Steps from Hell is what you put on whatever you want to make epic, really. Check out "Strength of a Thousand Men", "Protectors of the Earth" or "Never Back Down" for example.

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    Default Re: Ambient music recommendations

    I've been listening to the Find the Path podcast, and they use Syrinscape, which has all of that and more (from what I have listened to). It all sounded awesome.
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    Default Re: Ambient music recommendations

    I'm personally a big fan of Thylacinus' work which you can find on Bandcamp. I use their Year 1148 album all the time.

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