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    Default "Advertsing/linking" Rule vs practical case

    For a campaign I'm preparing, I'm ready to pay for a service. (I'm specifically avoiding to say wich one to not "preopen" it, but that makes it sound shady)

    Knowing nothing at all about those services, I'm looking for advices and (ideally) contact from people who used this kind of services in the past. (It's not shady, I swear! )

    I would like to open a thread to ask for them, but it feels to me it falls under the "advertising/linking" part of the "Rules of Posting", wich means I can't.
    Am I correct? (I'm pretty sure I am but maybe that slight doubt is right)

    Thank you in advance

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    Default Re: "Advertsing/linking" Rule vs practical case

    I'm not entirely sure what you mean. Are you selling anything or working for someone selling something? Are you trying to offer your services or hire someone to do services for you? That would all be prohibited?

    But if you just want to ask people what their experiences are with Rolld50, FantasticGrounds, or some other gaming platform is, go for it. You can mention (or even link to) products for sale elsewhere in the context of an otherwise permissible discussion as long as you're not the seller or a shill for the seller.

    PM me if you have additional questions.
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