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Thread: Bushido RPG

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    Default Bushido RPG

    So I keep hearing it from Kara-Tur reviews or fans, who explained it as (obscure) predecessor of the game--in some cases, better than Oriental Adventure.
    Since it is old-school and more on samurai movies, definitely not "anime/shonen protagonist-friendly" *cough*.
    So is there anyone who played it before and your thoughts (either rereads or retrospects)?
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    Default Re: Bushido RPG

    I have "played" it briefly once, but it was so long ago and so brief I cannot offer much information of help.

    One of the steps of character creation was to roll (d%) for social class background - I rolled very low and got "noble" (I think) which was a huge boon to anyone creating a samurai.
    Except, the DM (there were just the two of us) had already created a samurai and wanted me to create something else - so I created a monk. I think being a noble gave me a very high starting honour (I think - I cannot remember what the stat was called) - switching to monk halved it which still left it quite high (higher I think that the DM's samurai).

    The DM threw in an encouter with a minor street thug in the market was I was buying my starting equiment (I think I also got high starting money from my background).
    Now I approve of this as a tactic - gives us both a chance to learn the combat system - except I could not roll well enough to do anything other than faceplant and the DM had his other generated character arrive and save mine. I then went off to do the shopping, met another thug and again could not roll a hit to save my life, so after being rescued again, my character decided that the adventuring life was not for him and we abandoned the game.

    So - I have no idea how the system plays except that bad rolling is as frustrating as it is in nearly every other game.
    But, I do know that rolling well (low) on social status should be a big advantage - characters do not start equal.

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