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    Default Re: How often do you have a 'healer' in your party

    Quote Originally Posted by Theodoxus View Post
    I played in a game where the only healing available for a long while was from a War Cleric. He basically straight up refused to even take healing spells. "You have HD, and my god wants me to kill, not heal you." At 4th, the Sorcerer took Inspiring Leader to help keep the party trucking and the Drunken Master took the Healer feat and we chipped in for healer's kits.

    Some encounters were a little shaky in the beginning, but the Cleric never wavered no matter how much we begged. It did fit within his ethos though, so we never really complained. And he was a powerhouse by 5th, wading into battle with Spirit Guardians and Res (Con); he was nigh unstoppable... plus a big target, so he was burning more HD than the rest of the party most days.
    Good on. Illustrate your character concept. Just because you happen to use cleric as your base chassis doesn't mean you have to be de facto "healer." I respect him for sticking to his intention and you guys for adapting. Sounds like a high functioning table.

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    Default Re: How often do you have a 'healer' in your party

    in both my main game and a short-arc game we did over the summer, there were two characters who had healing as one tool in their toolbox - druid and monk with a cleric level (me) in the former, cleric and paladin (me) in the latter. i definitely would include the restoration/curse removal spells and the aid/inspiring leader type HP-booster tools in the general definition of "healing," rather than strictly limiting it to giving back HP after injuries, and all of that falling under the general definition of "support."

    i like OP's self-description as "support main." kind of the role i end up playing among friends and work colleagues, tbh, so it's a natural fit for me as a PC.
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    Default Re: How often do you have a 'healer' in your party

    I don't think I've ever played a 5e game with a dedicated healer - ie a character built around healing hp as their primary in-combat role.

    That said, I don't think I've ever played a 5e game /without/ one or more characters in the party that could provide first aid in combat (action efficient targeted healing to 'wake up' party members in the negatives like healing word, aid, revivify, etc), and likewise I don't think I've played a 5e game without one or more characters able to provide more substantial healing outside of combat to get an injured party back up to fighting strength without having to take a full short rest at least once per day or so (resource efficient healing like healing spirit, aura of vitality, etc).

    There are some big heals in the game that are both action and resource efficient enough to be worth casting in combat even on party members who aren't already unconscious - spells like Heal or Polymorph - but I find there aren't really enough of these at enough spell levels, especially the critical early game spell levels, that you can effectively run 'HP Recovery' as a primary combat role. You're just not going to be consistently healing more HP in a round than enemies are dealing. Obviously it's worth taking the time and action to get an ally out of the negatives if it's going to give them an action they wouldn't otherwise have been able to make or stop them from dying, but otherwise it's far more effective in this game to proactively mitigate damage with debuff & battlefield control spells, or make the fight end quicker with buff & damage spells, and worry about patching up damage after the fight.

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    Default Re: How often do you have a 'healer' in your party

    We almost always have someone who is a cleric or druid with significant healing abilities. Often we have 2. Then we work to minimize the need for healing by fighting as dirty as we can.
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    Default Re: How often do you have a 'healer' in your party

    I think almost every group (all RPGs not just 5e) I've played with has had one or more where applicable, its sometimes a hotly contested position. Only one that stands out was the the evil circus game.
    One of my favored roles is Party Support and having a strong healing set is part of that.

    One of the biggest things that I don't like about 5e is that the really good Buffs are concentration so I cant load the party up and go to town like I am used to with 3.5, can understand why it was changed but om not a fan of it.
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