This version of the ranger is designed to be pretty much the 2e ranger BUT cast spells more in line with the Bard table. The Lesser Access to their spheres means that 1st level spells cost 6 spell points to cast; since they're only guaranteed 4 points by their smaller spell point pool at level 1, they can't cast spells unless they have exceptional attributes until they hit level 2.
I'm going to use my C&P D&D to describe it, but here we go:

*Access to Schools: (10) (Lesser to Animal, Plant, and Travellers)
*Additional Attacks (30)
*Armored Caster (5) Studded Leather or lighter
*Empathy with Animals (10)
*Followers (10)
*Improved Combat (10)
*Improved HD (10)
*Improved Proficiency (Track) (5)
*Magic Item Use (5): Warrior
*Maximum Spell Level (30)
*Proficiency Group Crossovers (10) Warrior, Priest
*Special Enemy (10)
*Spell Point Pool (20)
*Stealth (5)
*Style Specialist: Two Weapon (5)
*Warrior Ability Bonuses (20)

Total before restrictions: 195

*Alignment Restriction (10) (Must be Good)
*Behavior/Taboo (2) (Cannot use many abilities in heavier than Studded Leather Armor)
*Can Never Retain Wealth (15) (Keep what they and their mount can carry)
*Ceremony/Observance (5) (Common on clerical spell casting)
*Slower Casting Time (5) (Common to Clerical Spell Casting)

Total with restrictions: 158

This is just a ranger with spells a lot earlier. No new abilities, only one extra sphere (Travellers, which is commonly given to rangers in several Forgotten Realms books). Mostly, it is "remove 21 points of discounts from pushing casting back to 8th level", plus adding Stealth, because I forgot it the first time. I actually like Improved Surprise better than Stealth for Rangers, but the goal here is keeping them close to the original, not doing what I want (see my other rangers for other options).