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Right, well, a couple of things come out of this; but the big one is that my desire to run Hunter right now has cratered; so I'm putting the game idea on hiatus until the fickle muses flood me with Hunter nostalgia again and I return to it. This isn't to be taken as spite, or blaming the withdrawers; just that the exchange has left an unpleasant taste in my mouth, and I know better to start running a long-run game that a significant portion of my zeal to run has drained from. That road leads to long pauses between posts, finally shameful abandonment of people's investment, and another statistic for the stillborn online RPG archives.

GentlemanVoodoo, Bunny Commando, Quivernas: I respect your reservations howevermuch I might object to them, and thanks for applying in the first place. I hope we get to play together in some other game on this forum.

Feathersnow, flame12, Captain Cap, moonfly7, Alhallor: I've taken note of your handles, and when the Hunter-bug bites me again, I'll message you all through this forum to see if you're still keen to take back the night. It'll probably be a discord game at that time, but presuming everyone hasn't dropped off the face of the world, we can skip the recruitment phase and go straight to CharGen and play.

Sorry for the disappointment guys; all I can say is it's better than me shame-facedly cancelling the game a week and a half in.

In the meantime, I think I'll try to run something a little lighter, which -can- be forum exclusive and a bit more whimsical. Probably something World Of Warcrafty, with an expected short run.

Apologies again, and thanks everyone.
No worries. Completely agree on it being better to wait till you're up for running this, rather than having it burn out a few posts in. Best of luck with that new campaign in the meantime