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    Default Straightforward combat cheat sheet?

    I have a group of 5 mostly learning 3.5 for the first time. All are familiar with 5e to various degrees and a couple have played one game of pathfinder. I'm looking for an easy way to present combat actions to them so I don't have to explain or check myself every time, without just pointing them at the srd. Most of us don't have a convenient way to browse at the table anyway and we only have the one PHB between all of us (which I also occasionally need to reference). I'd like to be able to print it and hand a copy to everyone. Anyone have a good resource for this? Looking it up I ran into a lot of "modified" versions with house rules added in, so that's not really what I'm looking for.
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    Default Re: Straightforward combat cheat sheet?

    What you are looking for is a very quick Google search away. I was about to find and print out half dozen or so 1 or 2 page reference documents in regards to often looked up rules and hand them.over to my friend who was DMing for the first time so he could just look the ready rules up.

    I also recommend just doing a simple copy paste of the SRD for the class tables and such then printing those out. I also know that there are spell lists already arranged you can print out as well.

    Most of my group has access to free unlimited printing, but I can understand if others do not. Still a black and white at like 15 cents a page is not too shabby if you only have 1 PHB. Sometimes on ebay you can find one for 35 bucks, I managed to snag a pocket version for 20.

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    Default Re: Straightforward combat cheat sheet?

    Quick access to the tables in the PHB should be easy to whip up. There could also be some old DM screens out there as well. If you have one for a different edition, all you have to do is tape a couple pieces together at the top and drape them over. You've got stuff you need on the inside and stuff they need on the outside.

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    Default Re: Straightforward combat cheat sheet?

    I have been using these sheets for a long time. They have most all of the charts, conditions, etc from the PHB


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    Default Re: Straightforward combat cheat sheet?

    The On-Screen DM-Screen is pretty useful.

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