Hey everyone. I'm going to post my fictional short story of Zack's Kipper Reading:

Zack's Kipper Reading

One day in New York City. Two grown adults named Zack Michaels and his friend Maria Lopez were hanging out in Maria's house. Zack described himself as a handsome 30-year-old Caucasian man who's tall, thin, light-skinned with short red hair. He was wearing a long-sleeved blue shirt, white pants, and black shoes. Maria described herself as a 29-year old Mexican who's short, thin, tan-skinned. She was wearing a pink shirt with blue jeans with Green Converse Sneakers. They were in the living room together.

"Hey, Zack. Do you want a Kipper reading?" asked Maria.

"Sure, Maria," said Zack smiling as Maria bring her Kipper Deck.

"Do you have a specific question or a general reading to throw in?" asked Maria smiling.

"Uh, let me think. I want general reading Maria," said Zack as he was rubbing his head with his two fingers. Maria shuffle her Kipper Deck ten times. She draws three cards face-up. It's the House, Wealthy Man and Concern.

"Ok, the first card for your reading is house. This card means a residence with your family. The second card for your reading is Wealthy Man this card means financial transactions that money is involved. Finally, the last card is Concern. This card means that you're feeling depressed. So when the three cards are combined it means that there will be residence with financial transactions and depression in your general reading. So what do you think of your general reading, Zack?" asked Maria

"Well my family came to visit me yesterday with money involved in my life and I'm feeling depressed because my girlfriend dumped me just last week. So yes the reading did resonance," said Zack.

"I'm so happy about your family and money involved with them and I'm so sorry that your girlfriend dumped you," said Maria as she frowns.

"Yes, well the relationship didn't work out for me anyway. As attractive as she was. Her attraction didn't fit her personality." said Zack.

"Well I hope you find someone who'd have a good personality and love you for who you are Zack," said Maria as she smile again.

"Yes. Anyway, that was a good Kipper reading. I enjoy it." said Zack as he smiles again.

"Thank you, Zack," said Maria as they continue to hang out together for the rest of the day.

The End

So what do you think of my story? Tell me your thoughts and opinions.