Hello everyone. I'm going to post another fictional story that I wrote called Lacey's Cartomancy Reading:

Lacey's Cartomancy Reading

One day in Las Vegas, Nevada at Sandra Simpson's house. Two women named Sandra Williams and her friend Lacey Thompson were hanging out and spending time together. Sandra describes herself as a 27-year-old woman who's dark-skinned, tall, thin with long black hair. She wears a white T-Shirt, blue shorts, and black sneakers with white socks on her feet. Lacey described herself as a 26-year old woman who's dark-skinned, tall, thin with short black hair, she was wearing a red long-sleeved shirt, base pants, black dress shoes with black socks on her feet. They went into Sandra's Bedroom.

"Oh wow. Sandra, you collected so many playing card decks," said Lacey as she was very impressed by Sandra's playing card collection.

"I know. I used most of my playing card decks for my reading," said Sandra.

"You read playing cards?" asked Lacey.

"Yes, I sure do. Playing card reading is known as cartomancy reading. Back in the old day's cartomancy are used for divination reading. It just likes tarot but only a different system." said Sandra.

"Hey, can you read for me, please? I want to know how's my life is turning out so far?" asked Lacey.

"Sure," said Sandra as she grabs one of her playing card decks. Both women sat on the floor. Sandra shuffled her playing card deck ten times. She draws three cards on the floor face down. She flips the first card face up. It's the 6 of Clubs.

"Ok, the first card is the 6 of Clubs. This card means a very poor business offer or else money borrowed," said Sandra.

"Oh wow. I borrowed money from my older sister Linda last week. So that resonates." said Lacey as she was shocked at how accurate the first card of the reading was to her. Sandra flips the second card face up. It's the 5 of Diamonds.

"Ok, the second card is the 5 of Diamonds. This card means health, wealth, and happiness," said Sandra.

"Well I'm happy I'm in good health and I gain so much money with my last paycheck a few days ago," said Lacey smiles.

"Well that's wonderful," said Sandra as she flips the last card face up. It's the 8 of Spades.

"Ok, the last card is the 8 of Spades. This card means across the water, sometimes treachery," said Sandra.

"I think the treachery part comes into play. My friend thinks that I was talking trash about her boyfriend which I never said talk anything bad about her boyfriend at all completely turned on me by telling all her friends that I'm stealing her boyfriend and calling her horrible names which aren't true at all," said Lacey angrily.

"Oh no. I'm sorry to hear that," said Sandra frowns.

"Yes. I'm no longer friends with her since she turns out to be a total jerk," said Lacey.

"Well you don't need friends like her anyway," said Sandra.

"Yes. I'm so glad I'm done with her. So anyway this reading has been very informative and resonates so much in my life." said Lacey as she smiles.

"Well I'm glad that reading was very insightful for you," said Sandra.

"Yes. Thank you for the cartomancy reading, Sandra," said Lacey.

"You're welcome, Lacey," said Sandra as she and Lacey continues to hang out the rest of the day together.

The End

So what do you think of my story? Tell me your thoughts and opinions.