Hello everyone. I wrote another fictional short story called Sean's Moon Oracle Reading

Sean's Moon Oracle Reading

One night in Austin, Texas Sean Solar was hanging out with his girlfriend Lucy Luna at her house. Sean Solar described himself as a handsome young 25-year-old man who's tall, light-skinned, muscular with short brown hair. He was wearing a white T-Shirt, blue jeans, and black boots. Lucy Luna described herself as a beautiful young 25-year-old woman who's tall, dark-skinned, muscular with short black hair. She was wearing a blue shirt, khaki shorts, black Converse sneakers with white socks on her feet. They were watching TV, eating dinner together, and having a wonderful conversation together. The couple was in Luna's bedroom sitting at Luna's bed together.

Hey, Sean, do you want an Oracle reading with my Moon Oracle deck?" asked Lucy.

"Sure, Lucy. I want to know how's my job at the car repair shop turning out so far?" asked Sean curiosity as Lucy got her Moon Oracle Deck. She shuffles the deck ten times. She draws three cards face down on her bed. She flips the first card face-up. It's the Full Moon in Libra card.

"Ok, the first card is the Full Moon in Libra card. This card means a win-win outcome is a forecast. To clarity, it means that you're starting a relationship of any kind. It's doesn't have to be a romantic relationship. Since you ask your question about your job this can be a professional relationship with either your supervisor or co-workers." said Lucy.

"Yes. This is true. There is this new mechanic at my job who happens to be a man and we started to have a very professional relationship. We have so much in common." said Sean as he was very surprised about the reading.

"That's wonderful," said Lucy as she flips the second card face-up. It's the Supermoon card.

"Ok, the second card is the Supermoon card. It means that emotions are running high. In other words, something high is going to happen to be you and your co-worker." said Lucy.

"Yes my co-worker invited me to watch wrestling at his house after work," said Sean smiling.

"Well, that great. So they're great things that happen with you and your co-worker. Let see what the last card said." said Lucy smiling as she flips the last card face up. It's the Full Moon in Gemini card.

"Ok, the last card is the Full Moon in Gemini card. It means the answers you need are coming. In other words, you need to speak your truth but remember words have consequences." said Lucy.

"Well, we did disagree with the type of wrestlers we like. I told him that my favorite wrestler is John Cena and his favorite wrestler was JBL. I told him that John can beat JBL easily. He didn't believe me and he called me a self-righteous goodie-two-shoes all because I like good heroic wrestlers. I like John Cena and I'm not going to change my opinion of what kind of wrestlers I like." said Sean angrily.

"Well I'm sorry to hear that you disagree with your co-worker about it," said Lucy as she frowns.

"Yes. We're still friends though. Anyway, this was a very positive reading. I enjoy it. Thank you Lucy." said Sean as he calms down with a smile.

"You're welcome Sean," said Lucy as she and Sean came to hang out and spend time with each other for the rest of the night.

The End

So what do you think of my story? Tell me your thoughts and opinions.