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    Default Virtual Tabletop Suggestions

    So I've been using Roll20 for quite some time. It's not bad, per se, but I've since hit their paltry 100mb cap of uploaded information, and due to some personal misgivings on the creator's and owners part, I refuse to pay for a subscription and hand money over to them. So I find myself in the market for a new Virtual Tabletop, and could use some suggestions.

    As of right now, I don't hardly play 5e D&D at all, and a lot of VTTs seem more optimized for that. I mostly play Star Wars SAGA Edition and Legend of the Five Rings (3e and 4e) right now. I've looked at Foundry and Astral, but I'm concerned they might be well-suited to those other systems, but so far I've only given them a cursory glance (and can't even mess with Foundry, since I can't seem to get the demo to work). Are there others that I should give a look at?

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    Default Re: Virtual Tabletop Suggestions

    At a glance foundry has community support for SWSE and L5R 4e. Multitudes of modules are system agnostic. Their discord server is very active, responsive and helpful for troubleshooting or tracking down modules to customize your play experience.

    I used to be on roll20 and I didnít like the idea of a subscription for Ďpremium featuresí such as storage or lighting. Then I caught wind of foundry. Locally hosted so your computer is your storage. You pay once and have the license. Systems and modules are free to download. You donít need to be a programmer to get a lot out of foundry if your system is supported. Get on their discord, ask other users what they think of the support for SWSE and L5R, I expect youíll be surprised. If youíre lucky someone may offer to give you a tour.

    If you know JavaScript, html and css, and are willing to put in time then I Strongly recommend foundry.
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    Default Re: Virtual Tabletop Suggestions

    I can't speak to your specific systems but I recently purchased Foundry and am finding it very interesting. There is a great series of tutorials on YT for the basics:

    Just keep in mind that since it defaults to local hosting, other players need to connect to your machine in order to play. If for whatever reason that's impractical or undesirable, you have to pay for web hosting to put your game on.
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