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    Default Disappeared "theurgy wizard" thread

    Yesterday, I saw a thread in the D&D 5e forum and posted a couple times in it.

    Today, I do not find the thread closed, or moved, but gone entirely.

    No trace of it in my post history, and trying to reach it through Google leads me to a "you do not have permission to access this page".

    Is that a thing that happens? Like, did it go so bad that it needed to be nuked into non-existence? Or did I somehow get blocked from this specific thread?

    It was about a wizard subclass from an old unearthed arcana article, called the theurgy wizard, and how to balance it.

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    Default Re: Disappeared "theurgy wizard" thread

    Sheriff: This is a thing that happens sometimes. Some threads are by their nature or content sufficiently problematic that they get moved out of public sight. The thread you mentioned was one of those.
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