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    smile I haven't done this in years so please help me catch up

    As the title says I haven't done text based roleplaying in years so I'ma say what I'm used to and could someone please fill in what I have missed since like... 2009.

    So what I'm used to is two (or more) players will come up with a basic storyline and each player will create a character/s and each person will write/post for their character one after the other. It can be for fandoms or completely original characters.

    So what's new besides that? Thanks for your time!

    Oh an excerpt of my writing from one of my fanfics:

    Owen sighed as his green eyes moved languidly over his laptop screen. His coffee cup steamed, cupped in his hands, warming his skin through the white porcelain. He sipped the black brew and groaned softly. The elixir seemed to breathe a bit more life into his tired form.

    It had been months of watching, learning, and preparing. He barely slept at night and last night was one of his longest yet. Two hours of sleep was not cutting it but the scientists had warned that at least one would hatch soon. Owen had to be ready if he was going to survive this new job of his.

    Nothing about the footage had changed but as he watched it over each time, he noticed subtle details in the video taken in the first Jurassic Park. How they moved, hunted, and how they socialized as a pack. Owen finished off his coffee in a few long gulps after that first sip had revitalized him just a smidge.

    He needed the extra energy. While the Navy had prepared him for long nights with very little sleep, he did not necessarily enjoy the fatigue and sluggishness that it brought with it.

    After watching the footage, Owen moved on to reading through several scientific studies and thesis journals that Dr. Henry Wu had written.

    He had met the man before, and his writing reflected Wu's seemingly frigid personality and clinical outlook on the world. While Owen did not dislike Dr. Henry Wu, he was acutely aware that the man's moral compass did not match his own. While Owen viewed the dinosaurs as wild, living beings, Wu viewed them as his creations.

    It was nine AM, three hours later, by the time Owen took a break and poured himself a fresh cup of coffee. He had been about to sit down again when his phone rang, the default ringtone blaring from the speaker. He'd turned the volume all the way up so he wouldn't miss the call.

    "Owen Grady,"

    "Mr. Grady, it's Claire Dearing. She's hatching."

    Owen took a deep breath, "I'll be there in five."

    Owen cut the call before Claire could utter another word. His adrenaline had spiked and he was too concerned with the news she had already given to hear anything more even if she had anything else to say.

    He took a moment, the only moment he knew he'd have to himself for the rest of the day, to take a deep breath. Then Owen was on the move again before he even managed to release that same breath. He grabbed his leather jacket and stuffed his pockets with his keys and a clicker. He threw the bungalow door open, not bothering to lock it behind him, then swung his leg over his motorbike and drove off.

    "She's hatching."

    The words echoed in his mind. A Velociraptor was being born into the new world. Owen could hear the female voice that made all the announcements for the park, echoing in the distance.

    "Welcome to Jurassic World..."

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    Default Re: I haven't done this in years so please help me catch up

    Granted, I might've missed stuff myself but from what I've seen text-based role playing in general haven't really changed much, though the differences between different games and different types of games can be pretty significant, though that was true in 2009 as well. What you describe sounds like a pretty basic free form game (that is, no rule mechanics) and those are still around, but there are plenty of games with more rules as well, either using some existing RPG or some system of their own.

    Have you checked out the Finding Players subforum? That should give you a decent look at different type of games (though it's worth keeping in mind that what's common and assumed on these forums might not be the same everywhere).

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