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Thread: Odd Jill: Run

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    Default Odd Jill: Run

    Started a new short story today. Don't get too excited... my last one took 6 years and wound up with me writing 3 Hackmaster books in the meantime. But, here's a sample of what I've started with...

    Legs aching, lungs burning, Jill hurtled through the darkened forest, her mind filled with a single word.
    Behind her, she could hear the sharp breaths of her pursuer, and imagined she could see the gleam of teeth, and smell the lupine stink of the beast. But she dared not look back; she couldn’t afford to miss a tree root or branch that may trip her.
    Ahead, a break in the trees. She didn’t know if that would be good or bad; would the open ground let her escape, or would it let the creature overtake her? She scrambled as she overbalanced for a moment, palms stinging where they slapped the soil, willing her arms to help her go faster for the moment her hands had purchase.
    Driven by that command pounding through her veins, Jill missed the cause of the break in the trees; she took three steps into open air, her momentum carrying her away from the bank, before she fell into the river with an echoing slap. Already exhausted, she barely had the energy to flounder to her back so she wouldn’t drown, before pain and darkness took her.
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    Default Re: Odd Jill: Run

    Oh Nexx! I really dig your style!
    You are reading a group of ten completely false words...

    May the force protect you from the ill will of the nightmarish combat wombat.
    May you never feel prey to the urges of being a culture vulture...
    May you, above all and most importantly, have the luck to pat a nat cat.

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    Default Re: Odd Jill: Run

    Nice short story. It was fun reading it.

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